August 29 2014

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On Our Radar: Lizzie Mandler


Lizzie Mandler

“I won’t design or create anything that I cannot make myself with my own two hands,” Los Angeles-based designer Lizzie Mandler said of her budding fine jewelry line, which she produces entirely in L.A. Inspired by the sentimentality of the exchange of jewelry, Mandler set out to create a collection that includes timeless, wearable pieces. “The actual materials in fine jewelry, the gold and diamonds, are forever. That’s why some of the oldest artifacts are jewelry,” she explained, adding that she has a habit of eschewing trends in favor of value and quality. “It’s an art that is meant to be representative of something, cherished, and passed down.”

Already a hit with fans like Kate Hudson, Arianne Phillips, and Johnny Depp, Lizzie Mandler Fine Jewelry indeed exudes a lasting quality. “I’m often inspired by the way in which jewelry lays on the body,” Mandler said, explaining that she pays careful attention to the way a piece complements or contrasts the human form for maximum wear. At the same time, she’s influenced by the seemingly simple. This season, Mandler drew upon an old Othello board game and worked duality into her designs, pairing white and black diamonds for an effect that’s both impactful and subtle. And as the designer continues to grow to meet demand, her take on basic pieces is tempered with some slightly edgier designs. However, Mandler assures, “they maintain their ability to be worn every day.”

Lizzie Mandler Fine Jewelry ranges from $150 to $2,850 and is available at and select international retailers.

Photo: Courtesy of Lizzie Mandler>