July 25 2014

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I, Karlie: The World’s Oldest 20-Year-Old Opens Up


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture of Karlie Kloss might be worth two thousand. When you add up the countless shots she’s been in all over the world—and especially now, in a banner year that’s included covers for W and British Vogue—the count gets dizzying. Kloss has earned her spot as one of the world’s top supermodels. In short, she’s kicking ass. Fittingly, she’s the face of Juicy Couture’s new Fall 2012 ad campaign and accompanying video, debuting exclusively here on (below), lensed by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, which has #Girls Kick Ass its slogan (the brand has partnered with Step Up Women’s Network, which empowers teen girls). Kloss, who has just turned 20, is recently back from a family vacation in Denmark and says she’s ready to start a new phase of her life. spoke with Kloss about putting models back on magazine covers, texting with Ryan Lochte, and the best piece Lee McQueen gave her.

You just got back from vacation and celebrating your 20th birthday. How was that?
Yes, I was in Europe for the last few weeks. Yesterday, I was in Hamburg, where I was visiting my friend Toni Garrn for a few days. Since she is originally from there, we spent time in her hometown and it was so nice to travel somewhere without obligations—no working. Before that I was in Denmark; I flew my entire family over for ten days and I got to meet all these family members for the first time because we are originally from Denmark. The food there is just amazing—my family would put out a smorgasbord of food and the entire trip I just sat and ate. For my birthday, we went to the Tivoli Gardens—it’s like an amusement park plus really old, beautiful gardens—and then I rented a little convertible with my sisters, the whole Kloss clan, and drove across the country.

Happy belated birthday! Do you feel different as a twentysomething than as a teenager?
I do, I have to admit. It feels like a new chapter—a new phase of my new life. I feel so old; I feel like the oldest 20-year-old around.

You’ve been famous for almost all of your teenage years—that could help explain why. Do you think you’ve missed out on any of the normal teenage experiences?
I think it’s the opposite; it’s that I was lucky enough to balance the normal teen things and then also this high fashion career. I have gotten to travel the world and experience all these incredible things thanks to my career. I feel like in the last five years, I have lived five lifetimes—I have fit a lot in my 20 years, that’s for sure. I feel like this is a whole new phase and I am really looking forward to the next five years. In the last five years, quite a lot has happened.

I know you share a birthday with a few other big names, including Ryan Lochte, whom you worked with on a recent Vogue shoot. Did you guys wish each other happy birthday?
Yeah, August 3 is a very good day. It’s funny, actually, because I was supposed to go to London to watch him in the Olympics, but I didn’t make it, so I was rooting for him—and all of the Olympians I met on the shoot—from Denmark. I was texting with Ryan, though—such a sweet guy. We Leos are crazy!

What was your first meeting with him like?
It was in Miami, where we did the shoot, and we went out to dinner one night. Even though I am 20 and already have a career, I realize it is important to have normal friends and I think he is the same way. He is just a normal guy. He was really interested in fashion, actually; he wants to have his own line. I was surprised by how in the know he was. Actually, all the guys on the shoot were very in touch with what is happening on the runways and very big fans of

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Blasblog: Hip-Hop And Hipsters In The Tory Fan Club


At Tory Burch’s presentation yesterday at the Prince George’s Ballroom, it was clear that the designer’s appeal is branching beyond ladies who lunch. Way beyond. Kanye West, Santigold, and LL Cool J served as hip-hop ambassadors, while Burch fans Leigh Lezark and Greg Krelenstein represented the hipster demographic. One could argue that Burch’s current boyfriend, Lyor Cohen, a bigwig at the Warner Music Group, helped get the former crew familiar with the brand, but when I spoke to Kanye at the presentation he told me it was all about Tory. “I like what she does,” he said. “She’s classy and she’s elegant. I totally respect her aesthetic.” Lezark and her posse felt much the same way. “Everyone thinks she’s the coolest,” Lezark gushed.

Photo: Zach Hyman / Patrick McMullan