August 30 2014

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A Grand Strategy For The iPad; Waste Not, Want Not; Another Vera Bride; And More…


LOVE is the latest mag to come to the iPad, with a dedicated app that will launch with the new “Gorgeous” issue on August 23. It’ll feature specially made short films to accompany the issue, inspired, says editor Katie Grand, by her love of Guy Bourdin’s seventies shorts. Adorably pixelated bunnies (above) not necessarily included. [LOVE]

Green-minded designers are experimenting with zero-waste fashion, using every scrap of material to create their garments. Parsons is even offering a new class in the subject—co-taught by Loomstate’s Scott Mackinlay Hahn. [NYT]

If you’re keeping the celebs-in-Vera count, we’re at three this summer: first Chelsea and Alicia Keys, now Hilary Duff. The pop star tied the knot in Santa Barbara this weekend in a Vera Wang gown. [Catwalk Queen]

And DKNY nets a new campaign star: Leigh Lezark, the New York DJ-turned-model, who stars in the Fall ’10 ads. [Vogue U.K.]

Photo: Courtesy of LOVE

Beating The Drum For Change


“We’re hoping people will walk away from this totally inspired,” said Rogan Gregory, looking around to check the crowd’s reactions as last night’s kaleidoscopic affair at the Hudson Hotel’s Good Units space was wrapping up. Gregory, his Loomstate partner Scott Hahn, and the jeweler Pamela Love had organized a 40-drummer-strong drum circle, led by Hisham Bharoocha, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Some in the audience were compelled to dance; others stood in a daze, possibly digesting a psychic reading administered by on-hand Tarot readers. Or perhaps they were captivated by the 20-foot pyramid hovering over the action, onto which a psychedelic nature video, reacting in real time to the drummers’ rhythms, was projected. “Enough of the green talk,” Hahn told us. “We’re trying to show people that Earth consciousness really doesn’t have to be a drag.”

PLUS: Read our Q&A with the event planners.

For Earth Day, Rogan Gregory And Co. Would Like You To Try On A New State Of Mind


Earth Day turns 40 this month, and the eco-friendly guys at Loomstate are throwing the holiday a birthday party. Nature being in relatively short supply at the Good Units space at the Hudson Hotel, Loomstate founders Scott Hahn and Rogan Gregory (pictured) decided to bring the great outdoors inside, with a little help from jewelry designer Pamela Love and a 40-large drum circle rounded up by composer Hisham Bharoocha. “We were thinking about it as sort of like a modern rain dance,” Gregory explains of the drum circle. “A way to bring people together, and get them on the same beat. I think you can create something incredibly positive out of that energy.” A giant pyramid installation installation by Spoke Visuals and a psychedelic light show top off the indoor-hippie vibe, and Bharoocha encourages attendees to bring along their own instruments. (Kazoo, anyone?) Here, Gregory, Hahn, Love, and Bharoocha talk to about nurturing nature, fashion scene-style.

What inspired you to throw an Earth Day event?
Scott Hahn: Well, it’s the 40th anniversary. I’m not sure why that means anything, actually, other than 40 is a nice round number, but there’s good energy around the event this year, and Loomstate is a brand inspired by nature, so…

Rogan Gregory: I feel like most fashion labels, when they do a big event, it’s for fashion week. But our emphasis is fashion and sustainability, and it felt more appropriate to do something now. Something fun.

SH: We’re really trying to get away from the messages everyone’s already heard, away from advocacy per se, and find new ways to speak to people. There’s a lot than can come from, you know, sharing and energy and inspiration. It’s hard to ask people to change; it’s better to inspire them to change.

RG: And inspiration is something fashion is really good at.

What should people expect at the event?
RG: There are a lot of moving pieces, so we’ll see how everything comes together, but basically we’ve got this space with 20-foot ceilings, we’re installing a giant pyramid in the center, and the drum circle will be around the pyramid. And there’s a light show. Obviously, there will be drinks and normal party stuff, too, but we’re really trying to make this an immersive experience for people. If we could have gone and done something outside, like, far away from the city, that would have been great, but it wasn’t practical. So the thinking has been, let’s try to transport people in another way.

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Welcome To Fashion Week’s Best Idea (And The Woman Behind It)


Above the grateful hum of editors noshing on free tacos at MAC and Milk Studios’ eighth-floor Surf Lodge, you can almost hear the question on everyone’s mind: What genius dreamed this all up? Credit goes to MAC exec Jenne Lombardo, who figured it would be wise to give fashion weekers a place to hang out between shows, and Surf Lodge co-owner Robert McKinley, whom Lombardo convinced to creative-direct the space. “There’s always that lag time,” McKinley noted, as a motley assortment of fashion types gobbled the Sam Talbot-prepared repast. “And we just thought, well, what do people need during fashion week? Something to eat, something to drink, a place to sit down, a few computers to work off of….” The Lodge provides all of the above (all miraculously free of charge, from cocktails to coffee to meals) and hosts the occasional Valentine’s Day photo booth or dance party. McKinley also came to the seemingly obvious conclusion that the fashion flock would rather be attended to by people with a bit of style—and got Loomstate to provide the servers’ special vegetable-dyed dresses and Jill Platner to make necklaces for them, too. A nice touch, but honestly, you had us at free tacos.

Photo: Ben Rowland

Love At First Sight: A Summer Shoe-In


What: The venerable Keds Champion—you know, the one you’ve loved since second grade?—run through the mellow green machine of Loomstate boys Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

Why: Because I’m in dire need of a summery canvas alternative to my beloved but embarrassingly ubiquitous off-white Chucks, and Loomstate’s Keds are a sweet printed riff on another timeless American classic. Plus, if you’re going to rock a sockless sneaker, it only makes sense to go with one crafted from organic parts.

Where: $75 at Barneys New York.

Photo: Courtesy of Loomstate