August 28 2014

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Zac Posen Helps Gen Art Celebrate Its 15th


In between drinking, noshing, and schmoozing at last night’s I Heart Gen Art: 15th Anniversary Benefit at 7W, a few attendees also saw fit to put down their glasses and get to bidding. Proceeds from the sale of works by over 60 new and established artists and designers, including Louise Bourgeois, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, and Ju$t Another Rich Kid went directly to the admittedly cash-strapped organization, ultimately raising over $150,000. Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion alum Zac Posen heeded the call to buy, but not before taking a few laps. “If I see something that grabs my eye…” he mused, adding, “I’ve been known to find a good piece at silent auction.” Pausing in front of a Steve McQueen print from David Victor Rose, Posen demonstrated his art world savvy. “I like the Sol LeWitt technique put into something figurative,” he explained. By evening’s end, though, Posen had gone with a signature work from graffiti artist Claw Money—as it happens, also a clothing and accessories designer. Go figure.

Photo: Hal Horowitz