August 28 2014

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Tick Tocca


When Lyell’s Emma Fletcher decided to close up shop last year, she wasn’t sure what would follow, in terms of her design career, until the team from Tocca came knocking on her door. For the past ten years, Tocca had been focused on building as a beauty brand and without a creative director since 2002. When Tocca president Gordon Finkelstein found out Fletcher was finished with Lyell, he called on her to reinvigorate the brand.

“They approached me and I had just had a baby—it was exactly a year ago,” Fletcher tells “It was a really good match, I would say, because they were primarily a beauty brand at the time and wanted to launch something with clothes.”

This Saturday, Tocca’s newest New York outpost will open at 605 Hudson Street with Fletcher’s debut collection for the label hanging on the racks. Expect to see touches of the feminine, girly Tocca aesthetic, injected with Fletcher’s more modern edge. “I think it’s totally a different decade, so there’s a totally different vision here,” Fletcher says. “I just wanted it to be more grown up, sophisticated, and sleeker.”

The store itself, however, nods to tradition and history. “The idea originated from the Hancock Shaker,” says Fletcher. Her vision of the village includes simple teak wood shelves, diamond-finish plastered walls, and a circular dressing room big enough for friends to hang out in and weigh in on the looks. Tocca beauty products, like green tea lemon candles and perfume, add the finishing touches to the shop.

Photo: Courtesy of Tocca

Katy’s Hot (Not Cold) For, The Late Lyell, And More…


You’re welcome (or we’re sorry, depending on your point of view). Katy Perry to Lucky: “Whenever I write a song, I look at to figure out what it would look like if it were a dress.” [Lucky via Stylelist]

Give the kid 18 years and we’re pretty sure you’ll see her on a runway. Meet baby Valentina Lima, daughter of Adriana. [People]

Pour a little out for Lyell: The perennially under-the-radar New York label has shuttered. Sigh. [Racked]

And the bloggers (continue to) rise: Paper‘s new social networking issue rounds up an impressive 37 (!) of them for an editorial. Model Zana Bayne of Garbage Dress has the evidence. [Garbage Dress via Refinery 29]

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