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4 posts tagged "Made Her Think"

Sally LaPointe Goes for Gold


New York fashion week officially kicks off in a week and a half, and in preparation, we’ve been running around the city sneak previewing several of the new Fall ’13 collections. At a recent studio visit with up-and-comer Sally LaPointe , the designer divulged that she’ll be showing jewelry—a collaboration with Meredith Kahn of Made Her Think—on the runway for the first time. Stylist Natasha Royt introduced the two designers, who used a gold bracelet that originally belonged to LaPointe’s boyfriend’s mother as a starting point. Kahn soldered together seven rows of chain links, all of which drape loosely around the wrist and are connected with a matching chain spine. While it was inspired by the 1994 Depeche Mode song “In Your Room,” LaPointe’s new lineup has a slight eighties vibe. And her collaborative bracelets are a fitting complement. The designer is also working with Alejandro Ingelmo on runway shoes for the third consecutive season. Ingelmo created booties with cutout sides and an architectural metallic heel that, like the bracelets (which will potentially be produced later), provides a “flash of gold.” Here, an exclusive look at Sally LaPointe’s gilded Fall accessories.

Sally LaPointe’s Fall ’13 show will take place February 8, at 11:00 a.m., at Pier 57 in New York.

Photo: Courtesy of Sally LaPointe

Mandy Coon Bugs Out


Mandy Coon’s bestiary gets a little larger this season. The New York-based designer and Ecco Domani winner scored a hit with her much-loved (and often copied) bunny bag and channeled jellyfish for her seasonal print last Spring. Now for Fall, she’s skipping the fluff and fish in favor of the flies. Coon will debut a small collection of fly jewelry, made with Made Her Think’s Meredith Kahn, at her February 12 show at Lincoln Center. (It’s a new, bigger venue for the label, and signals another step toward the big time.) At a preview yesterday, Coon explained that she’s an avid collector of vintage bug jewelry and came across an early American bug brooch, which set her thinking about her own accessories. Her brood grew to include a ring, a necklace, and two brooches in gunmetal and rhodium, with Swarovski crystal details. As in art, so in life—is Coon an appreciator of in-the-flesh insects, too, we wondered? “Not so much,” she said with a laugh.

Photos: Courtesy of Mandy Coon

Meredith Kahn: Clutch Performer


Here, in a nutshell, is the problem with a clutch: It requires clutching. And, speaking as a temporary member of the 1.25-handed community (see: “It’s All in the Wrist”), that clutching business can be a real drag. So I was psyched to find out that Made Her Think designer Meredith Kahn is launching a capsule collection of bags based on the Fall ’09 Made Her Think clutch that’s been haunting my dreams. “All my friends were like, you’ve got to do something with straps,” explains Kahn, who has obliged her pals by designing six washed leather shoulder bags decorated with brass hardware. (Plus one belt, and a brass/leather boot bracelet.) For now, Kahn is planning to limit sales of the bags to private orders, and prices will range from approximately $700 to $1,200; visit to get yours. “I’m dipping my toe in the water,” she notes. “My focus is still on making jewelry. But I always told myself that when I got to my fifth anniversary of the brand, I’d do bags, and then it just turned out that five years along was the right time.”

Photo: Courtesy of Made Her Think

Is Jewelry Sexy? Kahn and Kiki Say Yes


The association of jewelry and love is long-standing—or, at least as long-standing as De Beers’ “A Diamond Is Forever” ad campaign. (That debuted in 1947, for you advertising and diamond buffs out there.) The link between jewelry and sex, however, has been more under wraps, until now. Meredith Kahn is taking that relationship aboveground. The Made Her Think designer is collaborating with upscale erotic emporium Kiki de Montparnasse on an exclusive range of fine jewelry, which will be launched with a fête at the Soho shop this Thursday night with an event hosted by Byrdie Bell. “This will actually be the second time my jewelry has been sold at Kiki,” Kahn reports. “When the store first opened, they used some of my stuff in a shoot, and wound up asking for more to sell.” Currently, Kahn’s pieces for Kiki de Montparnasse include double-chain rings, in sterling, $495, or rose gold, $795; and matching diamond-paved bangles, which go for $1,400 or $8,200. A couple of pricier items will also be available for special order. “There’s always been a hint of eros to my work,” Kahn adds. “And in general, I think people experience jewelry in a very sensual way.”

Photo: Courtesy of Meredith Kahn