August 31 2014

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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your RL


RRL Man of the World

Man of the World‘s domain is the rough-edged, sepia-toned, tweed-and-leather corner of the menswear universe. Its holy grail, therefore, is RRL. RRL (double-arr-ell, for those of you sounding it out) is the rough-and-tumblest part of Ralph Lauren’s menswear kingdom, as well as the part held closest to the chest: Lauren doesn’t show the collections, refuses to let their atmospheric environs at his multi-brand showroom be photographed, and generally keeps mum on the subject—in spite of (or maybe because of) the fact that it’s the one that’s closest to his own style. Named for his sprawling Colorado ranch, RRL exists as a denim-centric obsession to the wonkiest of menswear aficionados and a slight mystery to everyone else. Its immaculately set-designed and prop-strewn flagship stores establish the scene but don’t clear up much. Neither, admittedly, does the rare interview Lauren gave to Man of the World on the subject. “When Double RL launched in 1993, we ran an image of wild horses stamped with the logo RRL. People weren’t sure what RRL was, or even how to pronounce it, but I wanted to maintain some mystery around the brand,” he says. “I wanted a certain person to discover RRL on his or her own.” The magazine’s new issue, which includes an unprecedented glimpse into the hardbound “RRL Bible,” comprising all the tags and labels ever made for it, will help even the obsessives do just that.

The new issue of Man of the World goes on sale today.

Photos: Dikayl Rimmasch

Today’s Mailbag: The Man, Woman, And Wheels Of Our World


Our mail guy, Wayne, keeps busy. PRs and labels send a ton of books, samples, lookbooks, slightly smushed cupcakes, DVDs, and assorted fashion miscellany each and every day. We don’t report on it all—but we’ll be making an effort to call out some of the best and oddest in a new series.

What’s black and white and pink all over? Today’s mailbag haul. Bobbi Brown’s hot pink skateboard, a promo prop for her new Pretty Powerful book, arrived with the promise of a free lesson with pro Eli Reed in Tompkins Square Park courtesy of The Cools. The indoor kids among us got a week’s worth of reading material: The world’s top male model, Sean O’Pry, covers the launch issue of the new men’s magazine Man of the World ($16,, while his female counterpart, the star of Kate, arrived in hardback ($85,

Photo: John Aquino