August 30 2014

styledotcom Tennis is a sport of style. Here are our favorite fashion moments from the court:

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Lady Gaga Goes Commercial In Marc Jacobs


Don’t waste your time sifting through our runway slideshow to suss out which Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 look Lady Gaga wore yesterday to the launch of her new Monster headphones at the New York Palace Hotel. As per the designer’s PR, the multifariously ruffled and be-pearled top and frilly bloomers are actually a loan from the commercial collection—not a customized look. What did come down a New York Spring runway, however, are her Alexander Wang sunglasses. At any rate, if our fashion calculations are right, this marks the maiden voyage of this collection into the (somewhat) real world.

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Wireimage

Marc’s Reality, Celebrity Weddings, And More…


Dear Marc, we’re going to strongly advise you against this. We know those Housewives can draw you in with their gripping mini-dramas, but pretty please don’t put yourself in a reality TV show about “high-powered (openly gay) playboys.” Just start twittering, or something, OK? Thanks. [NY Daily News]

Emmy Rossum had a secret marriage, and now she’s having a not-so-secret divorce. Luckily, all the money she saved on a big nuptial bash can go toward paying her husband’s court fees. Even better than a DJ! [Us Weekly]

Rumors of Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy’s recent wedding in France have still not been discounted, which in tabloid land is as good as a marriage license. [People]

Ever the contrarian, Cathy Horyn did not have such a great time in Milan. One show made her think that the city was covered in “an old pair of pantyhose,” which is never, ever a good thing. [NYT]

Opening Ceremony just got delivery of its Where the Wild Things Are merch. We’d go for the slightly savage faux-fur coats or Pamela Love bijoux. And if you want to be little Max come Hallowe’en, here’s your one-stop shopping. [OCNN]

Photo: Randy Brooke/Wireimage

Bringing Humanity To The Fashion World


Last night, the contemporary art scene in Chelsea was just as buzzing as the stores. And—no surprise—in some pockets there was heavy overlap between the worlds of art and fashion. At Lehmann Maupin Gallery, Juergen Teller opened an exhibition called Paradis, blurring the distinction, as Teller does so deliciously, between commercial and art photography. The subject of his show? A series of portraits of the Marc Jacobs ad man’s past muses Charlotte Rampling and Raquel Zimmermann, shot nude as they lounge and pose in the Louvre. Said the elegant gallerist Rachel Lehmann of the show, “Juergen brings humanity in a very, very strong way into the fashion world and this is, I think, why Marc Jacobs likes working with him so much.”

Credit: Photo: Juergen Teller, Paradis, 2009. Courtesy of the Artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York

Juergen Teller Had His Hands Full Everywhere


Fashion’s constant state of flux means that few things ever remain, well, constant. For this reason, Juergen Teller’s creative relationship with Marc Jacobs as the shooter of all campaigns bearing some form of Jacobs’ imprimatur is so remarkable. Teller’s raw, intimate, and often comedically irreverent style is the thread running through the various seasons, but the mind meld between designer and photographer has managed to stay interesting and provocative over the course of a decade. Two of Teller’s past MJ campaigns have evolved into books: Louis XV, from his infamous romp with Charlotte Rampling at the Hôtel Crillon for Spring 2004 and Juergen Teller, Cindy Sherman, Marc Jacobs from the Spring 2005 shoot with the artist. But this week, Steidl releases the simply named Juergen Teller: Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009, a chronological compendium of every single ad. caught up with Teller on his publicity tour to talk about getting dressed with Cindy Sherman, the arc of Marc, and his adventures at the Louvre.

So this book contains literally every single campaign organized chronologically?
We had to cut it down a little bit, but yes. That was kind of important to me that you see the development through the years. It starts with the first, which is Kim Gordon, and ends with Raquel Zimmermann. And it’s basically done as it appears in magazines, like tear sheets. It’s a crisp white page and you see faintly the tearsheet is a bit off-white. You can see that it’s Artforum size and it’s square, or that it’s Teen Vogue and it’s tiny. It’s quite important to me to not take a single photograph out and put it together as some sort of book. I wanted to see it how the consumer sees it in the end.

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The Next Met, Gaga For Gaga, And More…


Dress code: Khaki Chic. Maybe you’re still feeling the turban-and-bunny-ear model spectacular that was this year’s Costume Institute Ball, but it’s time to move on. Next year’s exhibit has been announced—American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity—to be co-chaired by Oprah Winfrey, Gap’s Patrick Robinson, and, of course, Anna Wintour. Jeans will probably not be allowed, theme notwithstanding. [WWD]

If you need something a little more substantive than the Daily to thumb through while you’re waiting for the shows this week, pick up The New Yorker‘s semiannual Style Issue. There’s a profile of Burberry‘s Christopher Bailey, an inside look at “online shoe utopia” Zappos, and a piece on West Coast interior-design maven Kelly Wearstler. You show em, ladies—fashion people are pretty and smart! [The New Yorker]

Lady Gaga—Marc Jacobs‘ rumored after-party entertainment this Fashion Week—is booked at the Box. For Givenchy. Can you say pant-less bidding war? [WWD]

George Clooney goes public with his new girlfriend. We weep. [People]

Photo: John Kobal Foundation / Getty Images