April 20 2014

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A Portrait Of Portrait Artist Mike Mills


You know Mike Mills. If not the man himself, then surely you know his work: Perhaps it was the lips-and-cherries print he made for Marc Jacobs that caught your eye, or his What They Bought photo exhibit at Colette. Maybe you own a copy of the Air LP Moon Safari, whose sleeve Mills designed, or maybe there’s an X-Girl T-shirt with a Mills illustration lurking in the back of your closet. If you saw Thumbsucker, starring Tilda Swinton, you know Mike Mills—he directed the film. If you’ve enjoyed music videos made by Sofia Coppola, or Patrick Daughters, or Shynola, you know Mike Mills, because he co-founded the Directors Bureau, the company that produces their work. And if you happened to be driving around Hollywood in 2007 and saw a wild animal staring at you, uncannily, from on high, then you know Mike Mills, because he’s the guy who mounted the billboard. All of which is to say, even the most casual culture consumer will have had the chance to encounter a Mike Mills creation at some point in the last 15-odd years. His work is only slightly less prevalent than his influence. Now, much of his output has been collected in the book Mike Mills: Graphics Films (D.A.P.). Co-edited by Mills and Aaron Rose (Beautiful Losers) and published this February, the volume does yeoman’s work condensing Mills’ adventures through many kinds of media into a story of one journey through certain obsessive themes—love of music, alienation, adolescence, flags. All of this and more will be up for discussion tonight at the Hammer Museum in L.A., where Mills is to be interviewed by Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy as part of Los Angeles Art Weekend. In the meantime, Mills gives a sneak peek into his headspace.

The fact that you’re going to be interviewed by the Rodarte girls makes intuitive sense to me. On the other hand, it really makes no sense at all. How did you wind up on this bill together?
I kind of like that you think it’s a little off. I don’t actually know Kate or Laura that well—I mean, I mostly know them socially, and I’ve always had great conversations with them, so I guess I figured it would be more interesting to have them conduct the interview than any of the usual suspects. They’re super-smart, they both studied art…I don’t know, there’s not much more to it than that. Unless it’s some kind of midlife crisis thing. That’s always possible.

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Blasblog: Sean Avery, Revisited


This blog has done its part to document sometime New York Ranger Sean Avery’s dalliances in the fashion world (about which the Times delved into on Sunday). But what few people have noticed is that while Avery has dabbled in our world (a Vogue internship, presenting an award to his new buddy Vera Wang), more than a few stylish girls have crossed into his universe, too. This was clear at Monday night’s hockey game at Madison Square Garden. Bear with me, as I’m not too up-to-date on the hockey stats, but this was apparently a big game, as the Rangers were playing the New Jersey Devils, and the handsome Brendan Shanahan, a former Ranger, was on the opposing team. The crowd in the VIP lounge looked like the front row at a Marc Jacobs show (pre-recession, I mean): Justin Bateman, Chloë Sevigny, Barbara Bush, Selita Ebanks, Will Arnett, Amy Sacco, and Catherine Keener were all in attendance, the last of whom had just gotten off a plane from L.A.—”I’m not gonna miss a Rangers game,” Keener enthused. It’s fitting that diehard fashion fan Sevigny (that’s her on the right, with Jen Brill, Carrie Imberman, and V magazine’s Karin Nelson) would be equally diehard for Avery. In the third period, when the Rangers were up 3-0 (which was the final score) and the hockey hothead was put in the penalty box for roughhousing, she led her section in a round of boos. Meanwhile, when the young designer Prabal Gurung shouted, “He had better work!” after the Rangers scored a goal, the rest of the crowd seemed confused by the lingo but pleased by the spirit.



Photo: Derek Blasberg


Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Overexposure?


First Thom Browne floated the idea of the male ankle as erogenous zone. Then Marc Jacobs took to wearing leg-revealing skorts. “I was just recently fascinated by the whole men-in-skirts controversy of the nineties,” the designer has said. “I got one and I started wearing it and it made me happy, so I bought more. And now I just can’t stop wearing them.” Perez Hilton followed, er, suit, showing up to his birthday party in a utilikilt, and last night at the Dressed to Kilt party in New York, funny man Mike Myers got his plaid on. What are your real feelings on men in kilts? Are you embracing the trend because you heart Marc? Tell us really, does a man in a skirt make you want to dance a jig, or send you running for the highlands?



Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images


Gray Lady


Ah, kismet. Who did we meet in our Paris Intersection video but Marie Martinez-Seznec, Christian Lacroix’s directrice and longtime muse—not to mention one of the inspirations behind Marc Jacobs’ joyous celebration of haute Parisienne style at Louis Vuitton. Martinez-Seznec has long been celebrated for her “strange beauty”: She’s been gray-haired since the age of 15. Click here to see the whole clip.

Marc and Lorenzo: Happily Ever After?


The announcement that landed in our inbox last night almost felt like a personal message: “Marc Jacobs Engaged.” (Does this mean we’re on the guest list? What should we wear?) We’re pretty thrilled for the lovey-dovey twosome. Jacobs seems happy, is at the top of his sartorial game, and remains insanely punctual. Additional bonus: No one has any unfortunate I’m-obsessed
that-is-unstable tattoos (ahem, Jason Preston). Did we mention Martone’s a dish? And employed? Give us your love horoscope, Style Filers. Is Marc forever off the market?

Photo: Michael N. Todaro / FilmMagic