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The Spirit’s Still Independent, But The Mood’s More Mainstream


The Oscars won’t be Hollywood’s only fancy awards night this weekend. The Independent Spirit Awards, traditionally a pretty scruffy affair, got natty for its 25th anniversary, allowing big-time stars to dress up—including Vera Farmiga, in Marchesa (pictured); Carey Mulligan, in Christopher Kane; and Olivia Wilde, in Ralph Lauren—in honor of movies made, in many cases, for less than a studio blockbuster’s wardrobe budget.

The show moved this year from the beach to downtown, from daytime to evening, from flip-flops to semiformal. “Well, I never wore flip-flops,” John Waters clarified. Later, on the podium, the Hairspray director lent the show some of his famous edge when he fantasized about making a Precious sequel about the love child of Precious and Justin Timberlake. Emmy Rossum was drinking straight Jameson in the Piaget lounge before dinner—”Normally, I hardly ever drink,” she assured us—and host Eddie Izzard indulged in some on-stage theology that certainly wouldn’t have flown at the Oscars.

Other parts of the evening, though, felt like a Sunday preview. Mo’Nique added yet another trophy to her mantle for Precious, and Jeff Bridges won for his role as a washed-up country singer in Crazy Heart. Bridges had his thumb in his belt during his acceptance speech, and even thanked his stand-in. Presumably he won’t be quite as laid-back on Sunday—or wearing a leather jacket.

Photo: Stewart Cook / Rex USA

Kate Hudson: The Woman In White?


With the Golden Globes and the SAGs down—and their red-carpet fashions suitably assessed here and here—and the Couture shows, from where many of the awards season’s dresses are plucked, now under way, the tea-leaf reading, rune consulting, and general oracle beseeching for who’ll wear what to the 2010 Academy Awards can begin. Attempting clairvoyance is tricky. Sometimes you’re spot-on (as in the case of Marion Cotillard, who wore the very Dior dress we recommended for her to the Globes); sometimes you’re way off (Carey Mulligan did wear Nina Ricci, but a far heavier, darker option than we’d expected).

But then there’s Kate Hudson. After donning a sixties-style, silvery-white mod minidress for her big number in Nine (left), she seems to be paying tribute to it award show after award show. For the Globes (center), she opted for a bustier-topped confection from Marchesa, which elicited a snarl or two from the blogosphere (“Kate Hudson Determined Not to Run Out of Toilet Paper” sniped one commentator); for the SAGs, an elegant column gown from Pucci, to far better effect (right). Will she go for white once again for the biggest show of them all? Only time will tell. If we could put in a plug, it’d be for one of Lagerfeld’s glittering, silver-encrusted creations from Chanel—less reverent than some of couture’s more traditional offerings, perhaps, but also truer to Nine‘s kicky spirit of go-go sex appeal. But whoever her date may be, we wouldn’t go so far as to recommend Baptiste’s show-closing silver spacesuit. It’s Kate’s night to shine.

Photos: David James / Weinstein Company; Jim Smeal / BEImages / REX USA

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: Katy Perry At The 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards


Katy Perry’s one star who inspires some pretty heated style debates. She may have kissed a girl and liked it, but for fashion choices, she tends to leave people either hot or cold. At the MTV Europe Music Awards last night (the EMAs, to cognoscenti), Perry rocked 12 different outfits—including some of the best of Spring 2010, from Viktor & Rolf’s showstopping hacksaw ball gown to a prim and pretty floral Marchesa stunner—but the one we’re stuck on is her bustier-and-shorts combo, which picks up the season’s omnipresent lingerie trend in Perry’s usual take-no-prisoners style. Frankly, we’re more nay than yea on this. Yes, it’s young and fun, but it feels calculated to shock. (And the less said about the geometric pyramids jutting off the bottoms, the better.) What do you think—should barely-there go everywhere, or is this one style best left in the boudoir?


Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Blasblog: Birds Of A (Jeweled) Feather


Marchesa co-founder Georgina Chapman told me last night that she’s always had a thing for sparkles and feathers—and indeed, a brief look back at her red-carpet-monopolizing label proves that she’s not kidding. Last night in Soho, she took the sparkle and feather fetish to new heights, debuting a new, avian-inspired jewelry collection with the London-based label Garrard. On display on a mannequin made of marabou feathers was a bird necklace that wrapped around the neck: a head of precious stones on one side of the clavicle, and a wispy tail of diamonds on the other. “That was the first thing I thought of, and then I wanted to have birds flying off the hands and flying off the knuckles, and to see what else we could do with the motif,” the sometime actress explained. Cue rings with miniature birds and winglike earrings made of sapphires. A savvy businesswoman—maybe she learned something from hubby Harvey Weinstein?—Chapman also created some rings at a lower price point, even a giant cocktail ring with a pavé diamond wing that covered a whole hand of knuckles, which she managed to keep under $2,000. There to celebrate, along with Mischa Barton, Helena Christensen, and Garrard’s new creative director, Stephen Webster, was stylist Robert Verdi, who complained that Chapman was officially too glamorous—first, a successful clothing line, and now a jewelry line? “And look at her—I just want to kick her and give her a few bruises,” he teased. “But she would probably just cover them in diamonds and make it a trend.”


Photo: MAX RAPP/

Yea, Nay, or Eh: Lace Belle


For evening, or really for any time of the day, white lace is a gamble. All those Madonna circa Like a Virgin and, worse yet, schlocky bridal connotations are tough to shake. But Camilla Belle made nice work of it last night in Beverly Hills at the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style, which honored another elegant beauty, Princess Grace. Strictly speaking, it wasn’t lace proper but rather white tulle with a lace-patterned embroidery, judiciously trimmed with feathers on the sleeves and hem, from Marchesa that Belle wore. The actress offset any potential frou with minimal makeup and simple accessories—black strappy sandals and ivory teardrop earrings. We say Belle: 1; White Lace: 0. What do you think of Belle’s lacy look?

Photo: John M. Heller/Getty Images