August 23 2014

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Fashion Week Countdown: Top Of The Charts, Ready For The Runway


The people have spoken. The music site Pitchfork asked its readers to submit their picks for their top albums of the past 15 years, and nearly 28,000 of them did. The results: Radiohead. Thom Yorke and co. took three of the top 10 spots—including #1 and #2—with OK Computer, Kid A, and In Rainbows. Of course, the band has been a runway favorite for years. Radiohead has scored many runways in the history of fashion week and is a mainstay at one in particular: Rag & Bone. Yorke is friendly with co-designer Marcus Wainwright and has stepped in to provide a catwalk playlist several seasons running. According to the label, we can expect another one this season, too. Crank it up.

Photo: AFP / Getty Images

On The Ramp With Rag & Bone


For their new menswear collection, Rag & Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright headed for the skate park. They shot their Spring ’13 menswear collection on a cast of real-life pro skaters—one of whom had a competition the next day—at the Chelsea Piers park near their Meatpacking District HQ. Though it was one of the hottest days of the year, the guys couldn’t help showing off a bit for the photographer after the straightforward shots were done. They confirmed what one would suspect: That the sport-inspired Spring collection looks just as good getting air as it will for the rest of us on the ground. (The designers admit, for their part, that they’re pretty hopeless on boards, too.) The shots debut exclusively here on

Photos: Courtesy of Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone Lands Kate


Being British, Rag & Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright are particularly pleased to be opening their first store in London. They’ll show part of their upcoming Spring collection in the new space in September, after putting it on the runway in New York, of course. Today, they’ve released images from their Fall collection campaign, which marks another first for the duo. Playing up their roots once more, they hired fellow Brits Craig McDean and Kate Moss for the images, which were shot on a derelict street in Kentish Town, North London, with McDean working a handheld camera in natural light and Moss wearing minimal makeup. “Kate’s got this effortless quality about her, in her personal style and her attitude,” Wainwright says, “and that really translates… especially in the shot of her smiling.” has a first look at the photograph, here.

Photo: Craig McDean / Courtesy of Rag & Bone

The Key To A Good Celebrity Shoot?
Don’t Make It Feel Like A Trip To The Dentist


Poolside with Diddy? Check. Naked with Chloë Sevigny? Check. On stage with Joss Stone? Check. During his 20-year career as a celebrity photographer for the likes of GQ, W, and Vogue, Michael Thompson has gained access to some of the most legendary names in Hollywood and the music industry, from Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts to Sting and Britney Spears. The proof’s in his new book, Portraits.

Pride of place—the cover—goes to the star Thompson remembered most fondly out of all the celebrities he’s worked with: Diddy. “He arrived on set at a giant mansion in Malibu, with the whole entourage and it was just a crazy day,” Thompson told at Bar Basque last night, where he celebrated the book with friends, including Leelee Sobieski and Adam Kimmel (above, with Thompson), Glenn O’Brien, Marcus Wainwright, David Neville, and Gucci Westman. “He always comes to the set with an idea in mind and this time, it was sort of Great Gatsby, done in a P. Diddy way.”

That’s the Diddy way. The Thompson way? “I try to create a relaxed atmosphere during hair and makeup, so it doesn’t feel like going to the dentist to get photos done,” the photographer revealed. “I wanted them to lose themselves in the process.” There’s one in particular he’s hoping will undergo that process soon: Robert De Niro. “If he would open himself up to a great still session, it would be wonderful,” Thompson said with a smile.

Photo: Shaun Mader / Patrick McMullan

From The Desk Of Rag & Bone


Spring ’12 sketches, binoculars, his kid’s artwork, a large and growing collection of Air Jordans and Adidas sneakers. That’s only part of the inventory of Rag & Bone designer and co-founder Marcus Wainwright. It’s also what you’ll find on the label’s new blog, relaunching tomorrow at “While we have had our blog since the launch of our Web site, we are evolving our format to incorporate new features and more robust, original content,” Wainwright tells “Our regular posts will include contributing friends of the brand who share their interests and inspirations.” Those friends include everyone from editor-slash-DJ Andrew Bevan (who shares 50 favorite tracks) to blogger Sean Sullivan of the Impossible Cool (who ticks off his picks for the first “Stuff We Love” column), as well as Hanneli Mustaparta, Wainwright, and partner David Neville. Before tomorrow’s launch, snagged the preview above.

Photo: Courtesy of Rag & Bone