September 1 2014

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G-Star and Vs. Magazine Devour Art


Blurring the boundaries between the worlds of fashion, art, music, and film has always been a focus at G-Star. The denim brand regularly works with noteworthy director Anton Corbijn on its print campaigns, and recently kicked off its new Art of RAW project with a video featuring cool CGI animation and a custom track by Skrillex. Keeping up the cultural momentum, they have collaborated with Vs. Magazine on Devouring Art, a short film directed by and starring Danish multimedia artist Rie Rasmussen. In the Vs. Magazine film, Rasmussen portrays an artist who breaks into a gallery—armed with painting tools and clad in denim overalls—in search of inspiration. Inside, the surrounding art comes to life and consumes her for a raw, and decidedly racy, result.

“I let the tone of the [Art of RAW] collection inspire [me]. So [the film] definitely had to be something with a dark edge to it, while still making an artistic point,” Rasmussen told The director—a frequent Vs. collaborator—brought in personal muse and former Givenchy model Marie de Villepin to costar in the film and help with its soundtrack (de Villepin is the frontwoman of the band Pinkmist). “I like sturdy, hard-edged female fashion, and the idea of durable clothing that’s built to last,” Rasmussen continued. “The word raw has always been a huge turn-on to me because it implies no pretense—no refining, no makeup, no facade. That is rare in fashion and why G-Star’s Art of RAW project is so refreshing.”

Vs. and G-Star gave an exclusive sneak peek at the film and will debut the full version tonight with an event at the Electric Room at Dream Downtown. Catherine McNeil, Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, David Blaine, Lulu Gainsbourg, and Sophie Auster are among the expected guests.

Space Invader


Marie Steiss—née Marie de Villepin—has bona fides any of her fellow Euro socials would kill for. The daughter of the former French prime minister Dominique de Villepin, Marie modeled for seasons using the name Steiss, gracing runways for DVF, Catherine Malandrino, and Givenchy and eventually becoming the face of Givenchy’s Ange ou Demon fragrance.

Her absence from recent runways can be attributed to other irons in the fire—lots of them. The 24-year-old actress recently donned a spacesuit for the new art-house film Baikonur. In it, de Villepin plays a tourist wealthy enough to spend $20 million for a week in outer space, who then falls from the sky and embarks on an amnesia-induced cross-cultural romance. The part involved weeks of training at Star City outside Moscow and the Cosmodrome centrifuge in Kazakhstan, zero gravity flights, and diving bells—an adventure the actress rapturously describes as “intense”—not to mention packing on an extra few kilos (director’s orders!) for her big love scene.

Back on planet Earth, when she’s not zipping around the globe to events like the Busan film festival in Korea, de Villepin works with her band PinkMist, whose name was lifted from a gruesome military term. Their sound, she says, is “tricky, sort of dense and layered, like some Velvet Underground or the Feelies.” There, too, she is nearing liftoff, with concerts in Paris and London early next year as well as a gig lined up for London fashion week.

But she’s not dropping “Steiss” or exiting modeling just yet. Shoots are in the works with Steve Hiett and David Hamilton, and she’s in negotiations for a major contract. And although for now her whole world boils down to a suitcase and her guitar, increasingly New York looks like home, not least thanks to her brand-new apartment. “I prefer New York to Paris,” she says. “Maybe it’s like Roland Barthes says, travelers who love foreign places more than their home towns prefer the ‘other’ in themselves. For me, New York is about Patti Smith, the Factory, and the Chelsea Hotel. I feel freer living among New York’s ghosts.”

Photo: Courtesy of IMG