August 30 2014

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Wearable Wordplay


Marie Marot has a way with words. And for Fall 2013, the Paris-based designer translated her literary passions into smart, simple leather clutches and knit hats—all of which are embellished with copper plates engraved with some of her favorite mots. But there’s a twist: Marot breaks up each of her eight featured terms into shorter ones, giving them a double meaning. “It all started with my love for words in English and French. You can play with everyday words if you open your eyes and ears, and a single word can suddenly open vast avenues for reasoning or reverie,” says Marot. Her initial inspiration for her range, which she calls Chapter 1, was “Poe[try].” “I never forget this small verb inside.” “Ameri[can],” “[Pain]ter,” “Al[one],” and, our personal favorite, “Psy[chic]” are just a few examples of Marot’s clever Fall vocabulary. As for her decision to debut with only beanies and clutches, she explains, “This is what I wear every day. They’re my essentials.”

Chapter 1 of Marie Marot’s accessories range will be available this June at Colette, Coïncidence, and at her forthcoming e-shop on

Photo: Courtesy of Marie Marot