July 25 2014

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If I Had A Hammer…


It seemed a simple enough concept: To rebuild following its devastating earthquake, Haiti needed cash and tools. So that’s exactly what Tools For Thought founders Diana Campbell and Julie Ragolia set out to find. Campbell, a museum administrator, and Ragolia, a fashion stylist with an art background, canvassed their friends and colleagues to gather tools. Of course, when your friends and colleagues are Nate Lowman, Dan Colen, Alex Katz, and Ed Ruscha, they’re swinging a different sort of hammer than the one that repairs the hospital. No matter. The hammer—the one is question Ruscha’s, by the way, a mallet for pounding canvas stretchers—is going on the auction block, along with the tools and work of more than 100 other artists, to raise money for Partners in Health’s Haiti efforts. Kon Trubkovich, Alex Katz (whose paintbrush is above), Subversive’s Justin Giunta, Marilyn Minter, Kiki Smith, and Patti Smith have all donated work to Monday night’s auction, where Smith (Patti, not Kiki) will perform and Alexandra Richards will spin. Attendees are encouraged to bring a mighty tool of their own—the checkbook.

Tools for Thought’s Rebuild Haiti cocktail reception and silent auction take place Monday, March 15, at Sotheby’s. For more information, visit, or to purchase tickets, click here.

Photo: Courtesy of Tools For Thought

Your In-Room Flicks: The Hangover, Julie & Julia, And…Marilyn Minter?


With a dozen fairs, countless openings, and thousands of collectors in New York for Armory Arts Week, the Standard probably wasn’t the first place aficionados were looking to find compelling art on Friday. But that’s exactly what was on display at the launch of the hotel’s new StandArt channel. Curated by Creative Time, this seasonally updated in-room video installation, which also bowed in L.A. and Miami, includes ten films by international art stars including Mika Rottenberg, the anonymous (and ubiquitous) Bruce High Quality Foundation, and Marilyn Minter. “It’s so rare that you have time to watch art films,” says Creative Time curator Meredith Johnson. “So we chose pieces that are more hypnotic and durational so you can turn it on at different times of day.”

Among those are Minter’s lush Green Pink Caviar, which went on tour with Madonna last summer and is also playing in the MoMA lobby. “I love doing this type of stuff,” Minter told us; she’ll soon do it again, with a forthcoming video project that will “look like silver.” Equally seductive is BHQF’s 75-minute black-and-white fictional tribute to Godard, L’eau de vie un film de Jean-Luc Godard, which follows a group of character types (actor, art consultant, agitator) as they hunt down elusive truths at 2005′s Art Basel Miami. Elsewhere, Lee Walton acts out his friend’s Facebook statuses in F’Book: What My Friends Are Doing on Facebook and the Neistat Brothers race a Ducati against a Dutch city bike in the hilarious Yogurt vs. Gasoline.

“The competition for this is cable TV and you have to make this better than that, and it’s tough because Jersey Shore is soo good,” said Casey Neistat, wearing a towel with his blazer and tie after a jump into the pool earlier in the evening. (He’d mistakenly assumed the water was at “bathwater” temperature.) While the plunge provided a shock to his system, the installation is already paying dividends. “I’m doing a crazy Lazer Tag movie and I’m shooting here next Sunday,” he said. “Think Jason Bourne meets 1986, Worlds of Wonder Lazer Tag.” Just another Sunday at the Standard.
Check out a selection of the films, below.

Malcolm McLaren On “Non-Stop Bonking”


In an oatmeal-colored pullover, dress slacks, and a tie, Malcolm McLaren—the former manager of the Sex Pistols and partner in crime, business, and love of Vivienne Westwood—looked every bit not the part of the counterinsurgency he helped dress in the seventies. With stores like Let It Rock and Sex, McLaren and Westwood ushered in London’s punk youthquake and made sure there was enough rubber fetish gear for everyone. And while last night’s talk at the New York Public Library between McLaren and Fantom editor Cay Sophie Rabinowitz steered clear of S&M, McLaren managed to slip in a fair share of blue material.

To be fair, Rabinowitz, who served as Art Basel’s artistic director before co-founding Fantom, may have been asking for it. She compared McLaren’s film Shallow to the midtown “lunchboxes” where people would stop by for quick viewings of smut on their lunch breaks. “It was in the back of my mind,” McLaren agreed, “because I was one of the punters that watched those things.” Shallow went on to form the foundation of a larger exhibition in Berlin, Musical Paintings. A pocketbook-sized catalog from the show, copies of which McLaren signed after the talk, strews stills from his film with works he solicited for the show from artists like Damien Hirst and Rodney Graham. “You had to wait an awful long time before you saw a drop of bonking,” McLaren recalled of the films of his youth. “Now it’s non-stop bonking.” Things were more subdued at the after-party at B.east, co-hosted by Fantom contributors Marilyn Minter and Todd Eberle, but we just might have left before someone showed up in bondage pants.

Photo: Chance Yeh/

Marilyn Minter’s Tote, Balenciaga Edition In Paris, And More…


Get yourself some Marilyn Minter. Madonna loves her, MAC loves her, and now, of course, she comes on a handbag. [WWD]

Speaking of Madonna, if you didn’t make it into the PSA for Fashion’s Night Out, you could have been in Madge’s new video. If you were in Milan, that is. See all the Material Girl tribute outfits. [WWD]

The mystery mother of Jude Law’s love child is…someone we’ve never heard of. Her name is Samantha Burke, and she’s—gasp!—an actress-slash-model. [TMZ]

Balenciaga Edition is coming to Le Bon Marché in September. That’s practically next month, so start saving. [WWD]

It’s been “a good summer for Pete Doherty”? Do tell. [Times U.K.]

Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga