April 19 2014

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34 posts tagged "Marina’s Must-Haves"

Marina’s Must-Have: A.B. Biagi’s Brigadeiro Gelato



For the non-Brazilians reading this, brigadeiro is a Brazilian candy. It has a similar taste to dulce de leche from Argentina, but it’s made with chocolate, so it’s supersweet and superrich. Antonio Barros Biagi, a personal friend, opened a gelateria in Nolita last summer and has been very experimental with this flavor ever since. Now for Easter, Antonio is introducing Brigadeiro. It arrived at the office yesterday and it was a hit. In a matter of minutes, the three pints were gone! This Sunday, my family and I are having Easter lunch at a friend’s house, and instead of the traditional chocolate Easter egg, I’ll be bringing Brigadeiro gelato for dessert. You should do the same.

A.B. Biagi gelato, $4.75 per scoop, $13.90 per pint. Available at A.B. Biagi, 235 Elizabeth Street, New York; (212) 219-8094.

Photo: George ChinseĀ 

Marina’s Must-Haves: Leather Overall Shorts From Veda


Immhoveralls‘m in an overalls phase lately. I have one navy pair in heavy cotton from Joseph that I purchased many years ago, and they have a very “grown-up,” polished look to them. Lots of girls have been wearing them in denim lately—a look I also want to try. Browsing through Veda’s collection, I came across this leather version. I wondered for a moment if I’m too old to pull them off, but my colleagues tell me I’m not. I think I can trust them, but either way, I’m a risk taker, so I’m definitely giving them a shot.

Veda Rian overalls, $664, Buy it now

Marina’s Must-Haves: Equipment’s Star-Print Shirt


Equipment Shirt

One cannot have too many shirts. I’m a sucker for a button-down and thank goodness they’re in style right now. I already own a white star-print shirt from Equipment, but seeing Kate Moss wear the black version in Brazil made me want another one. It’s such an easy piece and goes as well with cutoffs as it does with leather leggings. I just placed my order online. Now I need to wait a week to channel Ms. Moss.

Equipment slim signature star-print shirt in black, $248, Buy it now

Marina’s Must-Haves: Mini Rodini’s Adorable Organic Tee


Mini Rodini

Earth Day is coming up next week, and I’m trying to think of more conscious ways to consume. I try to keep things organic—especially when it comes to my baby, George. This applies to everything, whether it’s his body wash or his clothes. While searching for eco-friendly kids’ wares, I came across Mini Rodini, which has an extensive organic-cotton collection for babies and children. From fun animal-print onesies to T-shirts to tiny pants and hats, you name it and they have it. I particularly like the Lizzard LS tee for George. It’s so freaking cute! I’m spending the rest of the afternoon browsing the website and getting my kids a conscious spring wardrobe—I mean, working…

Mini Rodini lizzard SS tee, $47, Buy it now

Photo: via

Marina’s Must-Haves: Barbara Casasola’s Two-Tone Pleated Skirt


mmhskirtI’m so proud of my fellow Brazilian countrywoman Barbara Casasola. She is a Brazilian-born, London-based, Central Saint Martins alumnus who worked at Lanvin, See by Chloé, and Roberto Cavalli before launching her own line. Casasola’s aesthetic is simple and sophisticated. Her pieces are always superfeminine and cut with clean lines that accentuate the woman’s body. This color-block pleated skirt is what I want to wear every day this spring—flowy in rich shades of fuchsia and orange, one of my favorite color combos.

Barbara Casasola two-tone skirt, $1,135. Available at

Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi