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Freud Fetish


Is that Abbey Lee Kershaw, wrestling (above)? Well, to be specific, it’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu she’s doing. Kershaw, along with Antonia Campbell Hughes, Susie Bick, Phyllis Wang, and Olympia Campbell, was enlisted by designer Bella Freud and the BAFTA award-winning director Martina Amati to star in their short film, Submission, which made its first public debut in London this week, with the likes of Kate Moss in the audience.

“The theme is using the strength of your opponent to vanquish them,” Freud tells “If you use this in your life, you will pay attention and it will serve you in the long run.”

The other key to winning? Since clothes are armor too, a killer wardrobe by Freud should serve you well. For her Fall 2011 collection, the designer found inspiration in the sole—Christian Louboutin’s, that is. Of her assortment of brightly colored merino wool offerings, Freud says, “The shoe images are all Christian’s special drawings that he did for me to use.” She continued, “I called the collection Fetish because of the world that shoes inhabit and the obsession they inspire.”

Here, shares the exclusive video.