August 23 2014

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Amy Poehler: Baby Mama


If they’re anything like their skinny mid-nineteenth-century counterparts, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may just be “spiritually extraordinary“. Or, just skinny.

Did you miss Ukraine fashion week? Bad fashionista. Lucky for you, the Telegraph‘s Hilary Alexander has the report from Kiev.

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have what is most likely to be the funniest baby ever.

Photo: Dana Edelson

everybody must get gia bahm’s stones


Former stylist Gia Bahm used to experiment with clothes. Now she’s moved onto crystals and stones as the founder of the accessories brand Unearthen, which is fast becoming known for made-to-order necklaces of rose crystal, tangerine quartz, and black tourmaline mounted in bullet casings. What prompted her to mix New Age crystal and bullets? “I just thought it would look cool,” says Bahm, whose fans include Björk, Duran Duran, Cat Power, and Mary-Kate Olsen. And then there are the properties that the various stones reportedly contain, which even rock stars might need to avail themselves of sometimes, as the designer does. “I’m a little bit shy sometimes, so I tend to wear aquamarine, as it gives me that added sense of courage,” she says.


Photo: Linlee Allen


blasblog: the olsens do london


While the rest of the fashion troops made it back to their respective homes this weekend—finally—Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen continued on to London, where they debuted their secondary line, Elizabeth & James, at Selfridges. “I love this town,” Mary-Kate said. “The street style here is fantastic.” Both girls had been in Paris the week before, handling sales for E&J, as they call it, as well as their more upscale collection The Row; M-K’s European experience stretched all the way back to Milan, however, where she attended a few of the art openings that coincided with fashion week before hitting Aaron Young’s most recent motorcycle spectacle in Naples. “We did really well with sales, especially considering what’s going on in the financial world right now,” said Ashley, a woman always acutely aware of the business bigger picture. Joining the sisters were London’s coolest kids, including Dasha Zhukova, Olympia Scarry, Pixie Geldof, and Henry Holland. “I totally get this stuff,” Geldof said. “Can we buy it now?”

Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

blasblog from paris: the black leather motorcycle club


While I’m sure most of us are already compiling our lists of Spring trends (shorts! and in some cases—Isaac Mizrahi and Giambattista Valli, for example—we’re talking biker shorts territory), as I leave the lovely city of Paris, I can report that the one item I’ve seen the most often on audience members at these collections has been Balenciaga‘s black leather motorcycle jacket. From the chic Americans (Lauren Santo Domingo) to the Euro-class girls (Dasha Zhukova, Olympia Scarry, Josephine de la Baume) to the fashion professionals (Emmanuelle Alt), not a day went by that I didn’t see at least one of M Ghesquière’s zipper-trim blouson noir. At last night’s end of fashion week party at Régine’s—where the likes of Kate Bosworth, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Kirsten Dunst all worked in a last hurrah—one girl told me she would rather sweat than run the risk of losing her goes-with-anything coat. “Look at that booth: There’s a whole pile of leather jackets,” she explained. “I don’t want to put mine there. What happens if a drunken lady gets ready to go and just grabs the one on the top, taking my Balenciaga and leaving me her Topshop? Can you imagine?” Shudder the thought, but the clever girl ended up working out a plan: She ran her scarf through the sleeve of the jacket and actually tied the thing to the leg of her table. “When it comes to Balenciaga, I don’t F. around,” she explained.

Photo: Courtesy of Balenciaga

blasblog from paris: jessica stam, hostess extraordinaire


If this whole supermodel thing ever gets old for Jessica Stam, she should totally think about a full-time gig as a party hostess. Last night at—where else?—Régine’s, the supermodel hosted perhaps the chicest, best-attended charitable event the seedy Paris dance club has seen in years. Both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came, as did Emma Watson, Leigh Lezark, Lauren Santo Domingo, Kate Bosworth, Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler, Ryan McGinley, Caroline Sieber, and a slew of other well-turned-out fashion weekers. But here’s the kicker: Stam didn’t even bother with an invite. “And I barely told anyone about it,” the blue-eyed Canadian said. “It was all word-of-mouth.” Apparently, with a one-bottle-of-Champagne-per-guest ratio (well, McGinley had two), people’s mouths weren’t only being used for party chat. Watson and Tinsley Mortimer had a dance-off and swapped tips on dirty dancing; Alex Wang and his posse were, as he put it, “getting wild”; Ashley Olsen’s corner jam session was only interrupted once, when a security guard asked for a photo with her; and Bosworth confessed to an unhealthy love for Hernandez, and not just because he makes her pretty dresses. All of which pleased the hostess. “In my humble opinion,” she said, “this is without a doubt the most fun party of fashion week.” Perhaps the reason for the inhibition-free dancing was the evening’s charitable aspect: a portion of the revenues from the night will go to Covenent House, a New York City-based organization that gives aid to homeless children. “And oh, we didn’t allow any photographers,” Stam added, “which always makes for a wilder crowd.” Good thing I brought my own camera.

Photo: Derek Blasberg