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NewbarK in Wonderland


Maryam and Marjan Malakpour are artists in multiple mediums. The sister design duo behind accessories label NewbarK created a film in collaboration with director Laurence Dunmore titled In Wonderland, which they’ll screen tonight during their presentation at Paul Kasmin Gallery. The film is a compilation of sounds, music, and poetry, and it stars model Jamie Bochert, who wanders through an old hotel in a dreamlike state and finds a package that reads “In Wonderland.” “It’s really about a dream and a seduction that a girl has,” said Maryam, noting that the package provides a little mystery. “It’s about dreams in Wonderland.”

The film was shot over the course of a week, at New York’s Lafayette House. “I always wanted to merge the worlds of art, fashion, and music,” said Maryam. For Bochert, the process brought back childhood memories of watching her favorite vintage movie, Un Chien Andalou (1929). “I don’t really consider this acting, maybe more like silent film,” she said. “I used to love going to the silent-movie theater. This film was more like that for me.” Watch Bochert in NewbarK’s eerie short, which debuts above.

A New Way To Canvas The Neighborhood


Any girl in the habit of carrying around a pair of Newbarks—the foldable, super-simple slip-ons designed by sister stylists Marjan and Maryam Malakpour—has undoubtedly experienced the shoes’ foot-saving graces. Trading out a pair of strappy stilettos or mega platforms for Newbarks at the end of a night out is the podiatric equivalent of slaking a thirst. Said girls will thus be pleased to know that the Malakpour sisters have introduced their first summer Newbarks—black or white canvas slip-ons that not only offer sweet arch relief, but make for a promising sandal alternative, too. The canvas styles will debut shortly, alongside a few new leather colorways available now. The metallic rose is already selling out, which just goes to show: Whatever the season, comfort is always in style.

Newbark Love lamé leather shoes (right), $395, available at

Photos: Courtesy of Newbark; Courtesy of Net-a-Porter

A Bark To Soothe The High Heel Bite


Do your feet hurt? Chances are, after a few seasons walking around in platform-wedge- sandal-bootie-skyscrapers, they do. And now it’s time to give those dogs a break. That’s the thinking behind the debut shoe line Newbark. Launching tomorrow exclusively at Net-a-Porter, the Newbark is pretty much the ultimate slipper for padding around town. “It’s a one-item line,” explains Maryam Malakpour, who conceived and designed the Newbark with her sister and fellow stylist Marjan. “That felt like the cool thing to do—one item that was functional, subtle, and unpretentious. Classic, in a new way.” Handmade in Los Angeles, the $350 slipper comes in super-soft matte, metallic, and perforated leather in a range of colors. New shades and leather treatments will be added in future seasons. But the goal, according to the Malakpour sisters, who have worked with everyone from Heidi Klum to Karen O., is to keep the single style relatively unchanged. “It’s always a shame when you love something to death, and then you can’t find it anymore,” notes Maryam. “Maybe eventually we’ll branch out into canvas.”