August 20 2014

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Coffee With a K


Cafe Kitsune

Paris isn’t missing much, but while the city is overflowing with cafés, premium take-out coffee is hard to find. It’s something self-described coffee addict Masaya Kuroki, of the prep/rock fashion label Maison Kitsuné, felt he needed to rectify. Maison Kitsuné, like the fox it’s named for, has a way of sniffing out what’s cool before the pack. This has taken partners Gildas Loaëc (ex-Daft Punk manager) and Kuroki, who trained as an architect, from DJ’ing and producing their own electronic-music label to fashion to—now with the opening of Café Kitsuné—beans. Set in the arcades of Paris’ Palais Royal, Maison Kitsuné’s new venture debuted with a bash yesterday evening. “We opened our first café last year next to the Tokyo shop. It’s just part of our lifestyle. People can listen to music and have coffee here, or take-out,” explained Kuroki. Approaching the project like architects, Kuroki and Loaëc built the café’s foundation with the best materials. Work began with a worldwide coffee tasting before Kitsuné teamed up with London coffee maker Workshop to perfect the roast for its house blend, which is available bagged, as well. The café also offers Loaëc’s fine-tuned selection of cold-press juices from Paris’ renowned Bob’s and baked goodies by Noglu, the city’s favorite gluten-free restaurant. After guests were sufficiently caffeinated, the crowd headed over to the brand’s nearby shop, where band Citizens! played a set. And while Kitsuné’s coffee was mighty tasty, partygoers traded their java for champagne before they danced the night away.

Café Kitsuné is located at 51 Galerie de Montpensier, Paris. 75001

Photo: Karl Hab