August 23 2014

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a day in the life of: matteo ceccarini, dj


Monday, 4 a.m.

I put the finishing touches on the soundtrack for today’s Missoni show. I am exhausted. I haven’t slept in two days. Yesterday, I spun at the Emporio Armani show. People were fighting over the Emporio Armani Café Vol. 4 CDs that were being passed out. I spent the evening spinning at the Hermès private party. I finally get to sleep.

10 a.m.

I wake up and have a decaf. I don’t know exactly whether I am in Milan, Venice, or still on holiday in Ibiza. Today is going to be a tough one. I’ll be spinning everything from modern ethnic to deep techno (Lulu Rouge) at the two Giorgio Armani shows. For Missoni, I’ve mixed a bunch of glam rock tracks by bands like the XX Teens. At Scognamiglio, I’ll set the dreamy mood with some Kate Bush.

11:30 a.m.

I drop by the studio to pick up the CDs for the shows and call a taxi. In addition to today’s shows, I also have several meetings. My assistants are beyond stressed. No time to eat. Food is but a memory.

3 p.m. Reflection

During the shows I think about the important role that music plays in all of this. It is a real satisfaction to see the audience applauding at exactly the moment you thought they would—right there on the swell of the melody or when the music varies during a specific change of clothes. I love to be a part of making a great fashion show. I have been doing this passionately for 15 years.

5 p.m.

I am halfway through my day. I manage to grab a sandwich backstage at Missoni. I want to eat in peace but my phone won’t quit ringing. I try to stay clear-headed. Vivienne Westwood taught me the “if you’re in a hurry, slow down” mantra. I keep smiling, kissing, and hugging the fashion editors and stylists I meet.

6 p.m.

Having almost run a lady over with my car, I arrive at Luisa Beccaria and show them the music I’ve selected for their show. Luisa Beccaria and her beautiful daughters exist in a fairy-tale world. Her music is a journey through dreamy melodies like Ciaykowski to Philip Glass, passed through modern beats (CocoRosie), to create an almost supernatural sound. I also get a call from the people at Brioni telling me the techno percussion soundtrack I did for them is perfect.

10 p.m.

I finish my meeting with Nikos Lagousakos, who’s doing the choreography for the Tod’s megaparty on Wednesday night. We arranged the music for the show that will take place during the VIP dinner. I eat a salad and drag myself to bed. Tomorrow will be like today and today I am happy.