August 30 2014

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Stoker‘s Clothes Tell The Story


Although director Park Chan-wook insists that his latest movie, Stoker, is a fairy tale, the psycho-thriller is as unsettling as they come. The film follows India Stoker (played by Mia Wasikowska), who is coping with her father’s death. Things get weird when her creepy uncle (Matthew Goode) moves in with India and her widowed mother (played by Nicole Kidman) and bodies start piling up.

At last night’s Film Society of Lincoln Center screening, costume designers Bart Mueller and Kurt Swanson provided a glimpse into the particulars of the director’s vision. “Park was very specific with everything,” said Mueller. “Right down to what jewelry Nicole Kidman wore. He really has a keen eye.” The cut of a dress becomes a key storytelling element as characters come of age and come undone. “The clothes do almost as much talking as we do,” said Goode. “But my character is a bit more waspish than me, a bit more sepia. I don’t wear as many mustard-colored jumpers.” Wasikowska says her personal style differs from her character’s look, too. The actress explained that she’s less buttoned-up and less prudish. She also has a blonde bob and wore a wig to achieve India’s gothic long brown tresses.

While Kidman was not in attendance, her colleagues, particularly the costume designers, sang her praises. Said Swanson, “Nicole is a dream to dress. She is literally a mannequin!”

Photos: Matteo Prandoni/

Braving The World Of Street Art’s Godfather


“It’s not just about the red dots next to the paintings,” Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld said of the “Sold” stickers that dotted his exhibition, Richard Hambleton New York: The Godfather of Street Art. “It is about coming up with different ways of selling art, of showing it, of communicating art to the public.”

Still, quite handy that a vast majority of the pictures picked by Restoin-Roitfeld and his partner in crime (make that “curation”), Andy Valmorbida, sold quickly at the pop-up exhibition at London’s Old Dairy—after all, nothing can send an electric charge through a crowd, even a starry one like this, like the sound of ka-ching in the air. Certainly, the tills were busy, leading to a very celebratory vibe at the post-show dinner at Q-Forum. The diners included Restoin-Roitfeld’s proud parents, Carine Roitfeld and Christian Restoin, doting girlfriend Giovanna Battaglia, Lapo Elkann, Nick Rhodes, actor Matthew Goode, Caroline Sieber, and, representing la famiglia Armani, who collaborated with VRR and Valmorbida on the exhibition, Roberta Armani.

“My uncle admires Richard Hambleton’s work immensely,” Armani explained, as she geared up to fly to Copenhagen the next day for an Armani store opening. “When Vlad approached us to collaborate with him on this project, we immediately said yes, because in my uncle’s mind, Hambleton is ageless, tireless. He has this energy, and certainly is one of the most inspirational artists alive.”

Inspirational but not necessarily predictable, according to Valmorbida. “Working with Hambleton was an incredible journey—but not for wimps,” he said. “I felt like I had to wear a rubber suit to protect myself from all the syringes that inhabit his world. It’s been wild, but hugely gratifying. We feel incredible now that this show has been such a success. If anyone in the art world deserves it, it is Hambleton.”

Photos: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani

Blasblog: At A Single Man Screening, Colin Firth Says Tom Ford Is No Novice


When I got a last-minute invitation to a screening of Tom Ford’s feature-film debut, A Single Man, I assumed I’d be trudging into Leicester Square on a Friday night with a troop of other grumpy journalists. To say the least, it was a pleasant surprise to take my seat in a Ford cheering section at the Vue theater among Stella McCartney, Lisa Eisner, Elizabeth Saltzman Walker, Tim Jefferies, Richard Buckley, and the handsome designer-turned-director himself. Also in attendance were the stars of the film: Colin Firth, Matthew Goode, and Nicholas Hoult, a group which Firth himself pointed out was “quite the handsome cast.” (Julianne Moore and Ginnifer Goodwin also appear in the film, but weren’t at the screening.) Continue Reading “Blasblog: At A Single Man Screening, Colin Firth Says Tom Ford Is No Novice” »