September 2 2014

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Southern Comfort


“I didn’t do much reading growing up, or movie watching,” confessed the southern-born Matthew McConaughey at yesterday evening’s Cinema Society screening of Mud. “We were not a media culture family. We were storytellers.” That’s something he has in common with his latest character: Mud, the star of Jeff Nichols’ new film of the same name. “He learned how the world works through nature—from the land, the water, the stars,” McConaughey told “He’s not someone who got book-learned or schooled, so he’s remained incredibly innocent in his heart,” added the actor, who said that he went camping alone for a few days to prepare for the role.

Mud is a gritty Southern yarn that, in addition to McConaughey, features the recently headline-making Reese Witherspoon as the love that got away, and Tye Sheridan and Jacob Lofland as young boys on a Twain-esque coming-of-age journey up the Mississippi.

During the after-screening party at Harlow, Sarah Paulson, who plays a desperate houseboat-wife, divulged that she signed on to the film for one simple reason: “I didn’t have to wear makeup. Not a drop. And I thought, ‘It doesn’t matter how tired I look, because I’m playing such a tired mom!’” Maybe so, but Paulson, who starts shooting her next project—American Horror Story: Coven—in July, was definitely not in character last night. The actress admitted that getting to wear a girly RED Valentino dress to Mud‘s fête was a treat.

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Not Your Average Joe


Fresh off hitting the press circuit for his stripper flick Magic Mike, Matthew McConaughey was back at it again last night, promoting his new NC-17-rated film Killer Joe at New York’s Tribeca Grand Hotel. “Someone said to me today: ‘McConaissance’ and I said, ‘I like that—it has a good ring to it,’” he said as he made his way down the red carpet before the Cinema Society and Bally-hosted screening, referring to his string of movies rolling out (he’s got Mud and The Paperboy on the way, too). “I held out for certain roles and now, the films are even turning out to be good,” McConaughey, who was looking gaunt for his upcoming role in The Dallas Buyers Club, added.

In the dark comedy-thriller Killer Joe (Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin’s adaption of Tracy Letts’ play Bug), McConaughey plays Texas detective and hired hitman Joe Cooper, alongside Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, and Gina Gershon. Of the film’s controversial rating, Gershon said, “Well, I have to say I think in general the whole rating system is quite ridiculous and so arbitrary, but in saying that, I think this one maybe deserves it.” We’d say so. For her part, the actress flashes her lady parts in the opening scene of the movie. “I didn’t feel that naked,” she said. “You just get into it and don’t think about what you are wearing (or in this case, not wearing).”

After 103 minutes of graphic shots and blood-spattered scenes, the cast and guests (including John Stamos, Alan Cumming, Mélanie Laurent, Lauren Hutton, and John Varvatos) headed to the after-party at Amy Sacco’s newest spot, No.8, in Chelsea. “Where is the vodka? I could seriously use a drink after that,” said one female partygoer as she made her way to upstairs. “You have come to the right place, then!” said Tony Danza, who, as if on cue, appeared at the top of the stairs. Around midnight, Courtney Love made a whirlwind stop at the party. After holing up in a corner to chat with Graham Nash, she made her exit. “My dress? It’s Marc Jacobs 2007—it’s my last-minute, emergency party dress,” she told of the red number she had on. And who doesn’t need one of those?

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who needs college? asks mischa



Mischa Barton won’t be hitting the books any time soon. “I would want to go to college for the learning,” said the 22-year old. “But there’s so much else that comes with that that I don’t think I need anymore.” Like a diploma? Then again, if your acting career is chugging along there’s really no need to? Oh, wait.

Matthew McConaughey took his newborn son to a John Mellencamp concert. Apparently, McConaughey Jr. hasn?t learned the word “no” yet.

What will the Riviera be without topless sunbathing and ostentatious Russian billionaires? In a word, classier.

—Evelyn Crowley

Photo: Jason Merritt/FilmMagic