August 21 2014

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Reindeer Games


“It’s almost becoming a tradition,” said Pablo Flack, at the opening of his seasonal pop-up restaurant. “Maybe we’re Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. And I’m Mr.” That would mean “Mrs.” is David Waddington, Flack’s business partner in Bistrotheque, the East End eatery that has never lost its heat. Waddington sighed at the thought of an annual obligation to come up with venues as creative as last night’s Patron Silver Reindeer (named for its tequila sponsor). Maybe that’s why this year’s edition is a three-night-only affair. Or maybe it’s just about keeping things as special as possible, in the Bistrotheque (as opposed to Christmas) tradition. The hundred guests dined inside a huge square box, assembled inside a North London studio by set designer Gary Card from giant laser-cut cardboard snowflakes. Need truly mothered invention. “They wanted it Christmas-y with the 27-pence budget they gave me,” joked the baby-faced Card (also 27). Patron’s sponsorship was actually more than enough to allow him to create a special effect that left diners breathless. “Just like being inside a giant Christmas decoration,” Stephen Jones raved. “It’s a wonderful, simple idea—and they’re always the best.” The freely-flowing (and food-infusing) Patron Silver helped fuel those left feeling fragile after the previous evening’s Fashion Award frivolities, among them Richard Mortimer, Henry Holland, James Long, and a still-reeling-from-her-win Katie Hillier. Also sipping were art-world nabobs Matthew Slotover, Maureen Paley, Tim Noble, and Sue Webster and a clutch of It couples: Serena Rees and Paul Simonon, Lulu Kennedy and Marc Hare, and Japanese hip-hop superstar Rebel with the beauteous Yoon.