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DKNY Goes Round the World


ROID's DKNY Projection in London

In 1992, DKNY unveiled its giant, six-story-high black-and-white wall at 600 Broadway. Depicting a pre-9/11 skyline inside the DKNY logo, the mural reached what many would describe as icon status—it was a landmark for tourists and locals alike that marked the entrance to Soho. In 2008, however, Abercrombie & Fitch, or, more specifically, Hollister, acquired retail space in the building, and plans to remove the image were put into action. This month, the wall, or rather, its sentiment, returns. But instead of posting it at Houston and Broadway, Karan asked a host of artists to reinterpret the facade, and their iterations have been erected in ten cities around the world. Dubbed #DKNYArtworks, the project includes a series of installations in cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Dubai, Kuwait City, Seoul, and, of course, New York—residents have no doubt seen the red, black, and white work by HOW & NOSM in Times Square, or California-born artist Amy Gartrell’s creations at Yankee Stadium, JFK Airport, the DKNY Madison Avenue Flagship, and on the Hampton Jitney. Colorful renderings of the Big Apple inside the DKNY logo have also been placed in London (graffiti artist ROID is projecting his DKNY logo on Big Ben), Shanghai (Nod Young has mounted a billboard and LED installation on Nanjing West Road), Hong Kong (multidisciplinary artist Calvin Ho put his illustration skills to work at three locations), and Milan (photographer and fine artist Maurizio Galimberti produced a billboard). A selection of the international signage debuts here. Continue Reading “DKNY Goes Round the World” »