April 19 2014

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Emily Current and Meritt Elliott Set Out to Tell Their Denim Story


current elliott “We fancy ourselves storytellers in everything we do—that’s how we approach styling and designing,” Meritt Elliott says of what informs her and partner Emily Current’s work. The L.A.-based duo, formerly of Current/Elliott and now stylists to Mandy Moore, Emma Roberts, and Jessica Alba, among others, have put their fashion tales into print with their latest venture, A Denim Story: Inspirations From Bellbottoms to Boyfriends.

With a curated collection of images, A Denim Story categorizes and classifies denim, from overalls to American Summer styles, workwear shapes to the most loved, lived-in pairs. And since the team first bonded in college over their love of vintage Levi’s 646s, the book shies away from expected imagery of sexed-up models in tight jeans. Instead, it pays careful attention to pairs that feel timeless and slightly androgynous. “We definitely always gravitate toward the idea of a boy’s jean on a girl, something that’s a bit awkward—something from your dad’s closet or your boyfriend’s jeans,” said Current, whose original boyfriend jean helped to launch the still-strong trend. Along with photographer Hilary Walsh, Current and Elliott focus on imagery that highlights this sentiment, drawing aesthetic inspiration from masculine silhouettes, the Dust Bowl era, and the children’s series The Boxcar Children.

Inevitably informed by their successful design past, not to mention their close proximity to denim manufacturing in downtown L.A., Current and Elliott assert that their take on denim is unique. “In many ways, since we come from a design background, the book is our inspiration board—it’s the things that have inspired us in different chapters,” Current explained. “We love our sensibility to be dressed up sometimes, too,” Elliott says of their now signature look that’s equal parts fantasy and quintessential Americana. It’s that effortlessness that defines them, and their never-ending love affair with denim.

A Denim Story: Inspirations From Bellbottoms to Boyfriends will be available from Rizzoli starting March 18.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Current and Elliott Bring It Home


Emily & Meritt for PBteen

“We are very visual people and believe that your space can be a study of your personal style and an outlet for your creativity—it’s just like fashion,” explained Meritt Elliott, one half of a Hollywood styling powerhouse alongside partner Emily Current (yes, they’re the same Meritt Elliott and Emily Current known for denim range Current/Elliott, but they left the company in 2012). The duo, who were recently inducted into the CFDA, have brought their carefully crafted aesthetic to a special collection with PBteen, launching today. As is their trademark, classic pieces are reimagined with a touch of playfulness and hints of femininity: a clothing rack is given an antique feel, an occasional table is redefined as a wood stump, a side table feels vintage in linen, bedding is updated with metallic embellishments, and a chaise lounge is made modern with denim upholstery. “We relied on our favorite fabrications, colors, and small irreverent references that celebrate personal style and something warmly familiar,” Current said of replicating their world, filled with style, thoughtfulness, and charm. The designers sent us an exclusive sketch of the range (below), as well as a snap of the finished product (above).

Emily & Meritt for PBteen Sketch

Though they’ve made their mark in fashion, Current and Elliott’s PBteen collaboration was a seamless extension of their overall creative vision. “Interior design and styling and fashion design are actually very similar,” Current said of their ability to cross over. “We rely on a balance of proportion, a need for a high-low, irony, and the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine.” The formula has proved fruitful for the pair, who now count Jessica Alba, Emma Roberts, Mandy Moore, and Sophia Bush as clients. And the team reiterated that they’re not done with denim yet. “We are never done with denim! It’s who we are,” Current offered. And denim or not, they promise a future in design that’s confident. “And big!” Elliott added.

Emily & Meritt for PBteen is available from today at PBteen stores. Prices range from $29 to $799.

Photos: Courtesy of Emily & Meritt for PBteen

Surfer, Skater, Chola, Star


For many in fashion, L.A. is a full coast away from where the real action is. “Style in L.A. is sort of an oxymoron,” admits former L.A. Times writer and journalist Melissa Magsaysay. “It’s jeans and it’s T-shirts. But what’s wrong with that?” In hopes of changing the conversation surrounding style in the City of Angels, Magsaysay penned City of Style: Exploring Los Angeles Fashion, from Bohemian to Rock.

While following the contemporary market in L.A., the author realized that mass market brands were referencing L.A.’s ease and attitude as inspiration—without necessarily wanting to admit it. “No one will acknowledge it because it’s not Dior and Vuitton. But to me, it doesn’t have to be those labels and brands to be stylish, per se.” City of Style combines street-style photography with interviews with some of the city’s reigning tastemakers, ranging from Monique Lhuillier and Trina Turk to Phillip Lim and even Slash. Magsaysay makes the case for L.A.’s own native style archetypes, which need no reference to Paris prêt-à-porter or New York cool: its skaters, surfers, rockers, cholas, bohemians, and glamour-pusses of the old Hollywood screen-star mold. “They’re not trends but actual looks that came about from subcultures, music, and counterculture—what I think are inherent and totally unique to the city,” she says. They hint at an L.A. beyond the old jeans-and-tees cliches, and according to stylist/designers (and City of Style subjects) Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, they may prove more influential than many yet admit—even outside city limits. “In the past decade, L.A. has really come into its own in having a distinctive and relevant fashion sensibility,” the duo tells

City of Style: Exploring Los Angeles Fashion, from Bohemian to Rock is available at Barnes and Noble May 22.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Westward Bound


L.A.-based stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are responsible for dressing some of Hollywood’s most on-the-rise stars—their client Emma Roberts in particular has been turning heads lately—but it’s really the notion of East meets West that has them busy these days.

“We were inspired by the notion of adventure and the idea of Kate Spade New York, an iconic East Coast brand, traveling westward,” Current said, referencing the unlikely compatibility of the pair’s whimsical, more casual Americana aesthetic (demonstrated in the Current/Elliott line they also design) with the New York mainstay’s playful yet ladylike charm. Hence the name of the capsule collection: Westward.

The duo’s West Coast girl isn’t a by-the-pool lounger, though. “We kept in mind the ideal shapes, sizes, and elements that suit a stylish, working girl,” Meritt echoed of the bags that range from oversized clutches with a hidden cross-body strap to their “2nd” bag, big enough to fit your laptop and a second pair of shoes. Working closely with Kate Spade’s creative director Deborah Lloyd, they conspired to provide the perfect antidote to the woman who never knows where her day will take her. Judging by the new ad campaign, debuting exclusively here, wherever she’s off to, she’ll be scaling new heights.

The collection launches this August at Kate Spade stores, Bloomingdale’s, and online. In celebration of the collaboration, Kate Spade New York has made a generous donation to the Phase One Foundation, an organization that supports cancer research and awareness. It’s a cause that’s sadly close to home: Elliott’s husband passed away nearly two years ago from brain cancer.

Photo: Courtesy of Kate Spade New York