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Is Karl Lagerfeld Fashion’s Willy Wonka?


Karl LagerfeldChanel’s Métiers d’Art show is scheduled to hit the runway in an icy Dallas, Texas, this evening (an unlikely locale, we know, but Dallas’ Neiman Marcus was one of Coco Chanel’s first supporters after she revived her business in the fifties). Naturally, it’s a hyper-exclusive affair, and, according to WWD, the city’s fashion set has dubbed invites to the Western-themed spectacular “Golden Tickets.” Does this make Karl Lagerfeld fashion’s Willy Wonka? We bet the 2.55 bag is more enduring than an Everlasting Gobstopper…. In any event, check back later tonight to get the full rundown of Chanel’s Pre-Fall extravaganza.

Photo: Yannis Vlamos/