August 28 2014

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Blue Film: Paola Kudacki’s Short For Rock & Republic


Denim label Rock & Republic returns to Paris tonight, staging its now signature blowout at the Hôtel de Crillon. This season, however, R&R is blowing out multimedia-style. Alongside the Spring 2010 collection, the brand will be screening the first in what CEO and creative director Michael Ball envisions as a series of films documenting Rock & Republic mood and/or modus operandi. has a sneak preview of the video, which was directed by rising-star photog Paola Kudacki and styled by Mel Ottenberg, and sets up models Charlotte Carey and Stephane Olivier for an erotic pas de deux. But go ahead, click to play. It’s still SFW.

As Ball explains, the key to the video’s interpretation of Lolita lust is restraint. “I think we’ve all felt, at one time or another, a lust for the thing we can’t have,” he explains. “But the great love affairs are the ones where some patience is exercised and those lines aren’t crossed.” He adds, “At least not right away.” The concept of restraint, Ball explains, ties back to Spring’s clothes. “Charlotte was really my muse this season,” he says. “She’s young and incredibly sexy, but there’s a sweetness and naïveté to her that makes her sexiness interesting. I wanted to channel that into the clothes and go for a sexiness that’s not so overt.”

Buying Generic


No one is asking for this recession to last any longer than it has to, but there may be some downturn-related developments we’d all be happy to have stick around. Rents are dropping, for example. Making coffee at home, that’s not so bad. And less work means more time to spend at the gym. And watching TV. And…OK, pretty much, the recession stinks. But Rock & Republic founder Michael Ball is seeing the silver lining: The brand’s limited-edition Recession Collection has proved such a success that Ball is expanding it into a larger, ongoing range called Plain Wrap. “It’s just a very basic, clean version of what we do,” explains Ball. “Staple pieces like T-shirts and jeans, the kind of thing you wear for a long time. The opposite of disposable fashion.” Like the Recession Collection, Plain Wrap comes in at a lower price point than the clothes and accessories in the main Rock & Republic line, and in keeping with the new range’s generic inspiration, Ball is minimizing adornment and letting the clothes speak for themselves. Literally. “The names on the items, written on the items, that’s a novelty thing we’ll probably let go of eventually,” he notes. “It’s fun, though, and I do like the way it’s come out—like the stiletto with the word ‘STILETTO’ written on the side, I love the way that came out.” Chalk one up for the end times.

Photo: Courtesy of Rock & Republic