August 21 2014

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Istanbul’s “Sense Of Opportunity And Possibility” Draws A Crowd—Including Dunst, Swinton, Ackermann, And Love


Istanbul’s population unofficially tops 16 million. This past weekend, it felt like every single one of them owned a car—or at least was driving one. Guests at Istancool—the second Istanbul International Festival of Culture, to give it its full title—became intimately acquainted with the world through a minibus window as they negotiated the route from the Edition Hotel (seven stars! and a Snow Room!) to the various venues around the city. It was a useful education. Istanbul sits at a huge crossroads, geographically (obviously) but also conceptually. Michael Stipe, there for a presentation of his Collapse Into Now film project, went so far as to compare Istanbul’s “sense of opportunity and possibility” to the feeling New York has always given him. The project—a work in progress—has been corralling filmmakers to produce short pieces to accompany songs on the latest R.E.M. album. Liberatum offered a first view of a fast, furious, and funny film James Franco has made for “That Someone Is You,” which was the kind of coup that is critical to the festival’s success, according to Jefferson Hack, who hosted the Stipe event. (His magazine Another was the festival’s media collaborator.)

A different kind of coup was the presence of Kirsten Dunst and Tilda Swinton, both just off the plane from Cannes, where Dunst won Best Actress for Lars von Trier’s Melancholia. At 29, she has already spent more than two decades onscreen and experienced as many character-building extremes as show business can hurl at a young woman. (Lest we forgot, the heavily accented English translator of her Turkish introduction sonorously intoned, “We know her as the lover of the spiderman.”) Nevertheless, Dunst was gratifyingly, girlishly floored by her Cannes award. And she looked appropriately radiant in her Chanel couture at Istancool’s gala dinner. Continue Reading “Istanbul’s “Sense Of Opportunity And Possibility” Draws A Crowd—Including Dunst, Swinton, Ackermann, And Love” »

Tara Subkoff Pledges Allegiance…To Downtown New York


Would you like to have lunch on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange? Perhaps a late-night repast at Macy’s, the night before Christmas? If so, then the vibe at last night’s opening of Co-Op at the Rivington Hotel on the Lower East Side would have greatly appealed to you. Thronging is, perhaps, too gentle a word. A clublike atmosphere prevailed as Tara Subkoff, who designed the uniforms for the restaurant’s staff, hosted a dinner for a couple dozen pals, among them Chloë Sevigny, Michael Stipe, and Debbie Harry (left, whose Polaroid portrait also hangs, with those of other downtown notables, on the wall). For Subkoff, the meal may possibly mark a homecoming: As she held court with her boyfriend, King’s Speech director Tom Hooper, Subkoff revealed that they’ve been apartment-shopping in the city, and are planning to decamp from L.A. as soon as they’ve found a place. “That’s part of the reason I liked the idea of doing the uniforms,” Subkoff said. “It’s a way of showing my allegiance to downtown New York, and the Lower East Side in particular. I love it here. And I love the idea that this place is kind of amping up the glamour of the neighborhood.” The glamour quotient was certainly high last night: Besides Subkoff, fashion faces spotted amid the revelry included designers Yigal Azrouël, Katie Gallagher, and Johan Lindeberg.

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The Pratt Pack


There were plenty of hugs and kisses exchanged between Jane Pratt and her guests last night as they arrived at the Jane Hotel to celebrate the launch of her latest media venture, On her move from magazines to digital, she said, “It’s so raw—I love that you make mistakes and people see them. I have always wanted people to be able to see that process.”

If you wanted to see her process, you needed only to head to dinner at Café Gitane last night. Pratt, her staff, and a few of her famous friends were on hand—and those famous friends are also, she revealed, soon to be staffers of sorts. “Courtney [Love] and I are talking about having her write a regular column for us,” Pratt told “She brings a whole new perspective to whatever she does.” Pratt got plenty of Love when her 1992 Sassy cover girl arrived at the after-party. They greeted one another with multiple hugs and girlish squeals of excitement—in other words, like the oldest of friends, which, Love pointed out, is what they are. “We both don’t remember how we met, actually,” she said, glancing at Pratt. “I believe it was through Michael Stipe,” the editor added.

They continued toward the fireplace to join Stipe, where the three of them held court for most of the evening. It was an evening of Courtney’s usual high jinks: She tried on Stipe’s glasses, removed her shoes, and took iPhone photos of herself and others until she eventually got distracted by her cigarette in hand. To those nearby, she went into a lecture on how to properly smoke in public as she crossed her legs, adjusted the train of her flesh-toned silk dress, and tossed her head back to blow smoke into the air. Unfiltered talk, you might say. It should fit right in with Pratt’s trademark grabby style on

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On Sale: Material Heels


In an effort to help offset the cost of the most expensive disaster in history, a dedicated group of New Yorkers braved the elements last night to show their support for Japan at a fundraiser co-hosted by Martha Stewart and Wynton Marsalis. At Reika Yo Alexander’s En Japanese Brasserie, guests including Hilary Swank, Zac Posen (left, with Stewart), and Waris Ahluwalia checked their winter wear at the door and headed to check out the silent auction items.

Art made up a big part of the evening’s offerings: photographs and paintings by the likes of François Nars, Julian Schnabel, Laurie Simmons, and Terence Koh decorated one wall. That last was mulling an acquisition as well as a donation. “If I get to leave here with one thing,” Koh said, “it would be the Yoko Ono piece.” But with a fashion-heavy crowd like this, no surprise that the item attracting the most attention was a pair of gold Louis Vuitton heels (right). They came with a little something extra: the signature of their original owner, Madonna. “I thought about taking the Madonna shoes, cutting them in half, and displaying them Damien Hirst-style,” Michael Stipe mused. And while we can’t imagine that she and the Material Girl have quite the same taste in chic, even Stewart was eyeing the pair. “Madonna’s shoes, of course,” she told about the item she most coveted. “But they are a little too small for me.”

Photos: Jonathan Ziegler / Patrick

Designers Offer A Few Precious Metals


This Fall, New York’s Museum of Arts and Design celebrates its second anniversary. The traditional gift for such an occasion, as any bride can tell you, is metal, so that’s what the museum’s well-wishers are offering: All manner of metal art, jewelry, clothes, and craft, which will be sold at its annual gala on October 18th to raise money for its educational programs. Arts and design being top of mind for the fashion set as well as fine artists, plenty of style-world types are involved: The host committee for the Metal Ball includes Chris Benz, Duckie Brown‘s Steven Cox and Daniel Silver, Pamela Love, Mandy Coon, and (full disclosure) yours truly. The list of artists donating is even more impressive. Richard Meier, Michael Stipe, Rogan Gregory, and Robert Lee Morris have all donated metal items for the cause; I’ve got my eye on the enormous metal urn (left), contributed by designer-cum-interiors-guru Rick Owens. It’ll go perfectly with that one-ton Owens alabaster bed I’ve had my eye on. For tickets and more information, visit

Photo: Courtesy of MAD