August 23 2014

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Blasblog: Everybody Wants Acne


I was blaming it on heat stroke and jet lag, but I thought my cocktail hour last night was a most curious adventure. I was running uptown to the Carlyle (fancy!) to celebrate the latest issue of a magazine from a denim label (that’s more downtown, no?) based in Sweden (that’s not exactly nearby). But up in the Royal Suite, the various factions were all represented: the uptown (the inimitable Anne Slater and Bob Colacello, left), the downtown (Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler, Michael Stipe), the originally from out-of-town (Alexa Chung, Olivier Zahm, and the mag’s editor, Thomas Persson). And, of course, the Swedes, who are intimidatingly gorgeous. You don’t really realize how tall and blonde a girl like Caroline Winberg is until she’s in a room with you and the rest of the Western mortals—and for the record, not breaking a sweat. How? She’s a Swedish robot, for sure.

The point of this fête was the new issue of Acne Paper, the oversized fashion mag from the minds behind Stockholm’s Acne Studios. (Feel free to insert as many bad-skin puns and jokes here as you see fit; Alexa and I spent a good half hour doing it while harassing the barmen at the Carlyle to refill our glasses with ice-cold Champagne.) The magazine, with its profiles (of Stephen Jones, Cecilia Dean, Slater, and Colacello, among others) and portrait series of the most fabulous denizens of Paris, London, and New York, was a hot commodity—I didn’t even manage to snag one, and those who did weren’t letting it go. After cocktails, I ran into Lazaro at a birthday party in the private room of The Lion, where he was still clutching his copy. Who would have thought people would have wanted Acne that bad? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. And for the record, that was Alexa’s joke.)

Photo: Greg Kessler

The Bum-rush


Fashion is as much about taking clothes off as putting them on—recall Coco Chanel’s famous diktat to remove one item before leaving the house—and two parties last night paid tribute to stylish undress. They may own The Smile, but Carlos Quirarte and Matt Kliegman opted to rent out the West Side Gentlemen’s Club, on a particularly unpicturesque strip of the West Side Highway, for their Valentine’s Day party. (They co-hosted the fête with nouveau smut mag Jacques and Evisu, where Quirarte is advising the creative director, his friend and former Earnest Sewn compatriot Scott Morrison.) They’d flown in a couple of strippers from Tampa—don’t ask us why that particular metropolis—who performed on the pole for the viewing pleasure of Waris Ahluwalia, Jared Leto, and Mary-Kate Olsen. The music came courtesy of DJs Nate Lowman and Cassie Coane, and the emceeing, courtesy of Justin Theroux, who had a particular knack for shot-calling, it turned out. (“That is some Sarah Lawrence shit!” he boomed during one particularly advanced-studies move.) “I think it was when Justin started announcing ‘Amateur Night’ that things went overboard,” mused Quirarte early this morning, on his way to bed. “But that’s just me.”

Meanwhile, those of a different persuasion were heading to the Chelsea nightclub Rush for Butt magazine’s 28th issue party, hosted by Lorenzo Martone and Keke Okereke. Bring on the go-go boys! Those boys brought boys like Hamish Bowles, Michael Stipe, video artist Kalup Linzy, and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. They were rumored to be luring the week’s prize catch, too: Lady Gaga, who was said to be coming on the arm of Terence Koh. “I’ve been in this city for 20 years hearing rumors that Madonna was going to show up to every other party,” Cohen told us. “Now it’s Gaga’s turn to give the false alarm.” The Lady never showed, but no matter. It was more of a gentlemen’s evening.

Photo: Zach Hyman/Patrick McMullan

A Night Out With Fischerspooner


Like much of the eastern seaboard, New York City is in the midst of cold snap. But if you think it’s a little too chilly for stargazing, think again. Fischerspooner and Animal Collective brought the galactic show inside on Friday night, setting up behind the decks at the Museum of Natural History’s Rose Planetarium for the latest installment of The Fader‘s One Step Beyond party series. Needless to say, the regulars of Bedford Avenue were out in force, but while the skinny-denim masses were still filing into the museum, FS frontman Casey Spooner snuck off with a few friends to screen the new video for the single “The Best Revenge,” which you can see below, exclusively on Michael Stipe was among the VIPs taking in the video, which was shot by Spooner’s boyfriend, Adam Dugas, over the course of the band’s rehearsals for its recent tour. “The single actually came out a while ago,” explained Spooner, following his raucous DJ set. “But we had all this footage, some of which we were using on our tour, and, you know, we like making videos.” Spooner is keeping busy in other ways, too—as he went on to say, his first-ever solo record is due out later this year. “It’s really very different from Fischerspooner,” he explained. “Much more bare-bones. I mean, I never record a vocal track for Fischerspooner that isn’t doubled or tripled in the studio. My record is more indie rock, though just as meticulous in its own way.” Expect more video premieres, in other words.

Who’s Your Dada?


Conventionally, when someone makes an assertion despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that person is lying. When Olivier Zahm does it, the effect is a little more Dada. “I am not a photographer,” the Purple magazine editor announced last night, at the opening of his first-ever photo show, “I just take pictures.”

You could see him do just that, in fact, as friends such as Terry Richardson and Aurel Schmidt turned up at the packed-to-the-gills Half Gallery on the Lower East Side. Michael Stipe, Cynthia Rowley, and Anouck Lepère and Jefferson Hack could be found in the crowd as well, all of them angling for a view of Zahm’s (mostly) X-rated prints, a few of which would have been familiar to regular readers of the online Purple Diary.

“I have to set a limit—there are things I cannot post,” Zahm noted, explaining why so many of the shots at the show never made it onto the Web. “There are photos that are too sexy to be public. This gallery is public, of course,” he went on, “but it’s also private.” Bien sûr.

Photo: Courtesy of Half Gallery

Our Favorite Hi-Los Return, And More…


Collab department, item 1: +J returns! Jil Sander is working on a second line for Uniqlo. [Catwalk Queen]

Collab department, item 2: Stella McCartney is coming back to the Gap for Spring 2010. This time we’re rooting for some items in XXL. [WWD]

Collab department, head-scratcher: Michael Stipe and Maison Martin Margiela have made a very mini, very limited-edition mix tape for you to wear any which way. This satisfies all of our accessory needs. [Racked]

Perhaps you’ve noticed there’s an androgyny trend afoot? Well, it’s trickled down to little kids, who are “experimenting across gender lines,” and has made its way to Australia, where men are wearing tights. This could be the signifier of a huge cultural shift, or an indication that some men just really like to wear tights. [NYT]

Emerging trend: boudoir photography. “The aim is to create a portrait that is more Matisse or Renoir than Hustler.” Duly noted. [Washington Post]

Lauren Conrad, original star of The Hills and New York Times best-selling author, is releasing a style guide. How we got dressed before this is really a mystery. [People]

Frost French reportedly wants Gemma Ward for their next ad campaign. We just got all nostalgic for when she used to rule the runway. [Fashionista]

Photo: Thos Robinson / Getty Images