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Made In America: Laptop Edition (Maybe)


The latest style brand to dip a toe in the waters of “Made in America”? Apple. The tech giant’s CEO, Tim Cook, announced that it will be piloting a program to to build some computers in the U.S. as part of a $100 million effort. For now, details are scarce; the company is vowing it will not merely assemble components made elsewhere in the U.S., but it is not specifying which models will be U.S.-made, beyond saying that it is a line that is already in production. (Not necessarily laptops, then, but we can hope.) One iDay, will we see a Mac on Michael Williams’ vaunted American List?


Your Homework Assignment


The dog days of summer are winding down, and the suntanned kids of the world are preparing to head back to school. And the over-22 set? They’re just planning to dress like it. This September, we’re in the mood for collegiate style, thanks to all the great pleated skirts, boy blazers, varsity jackets, and slouchy, schoolyard sweatshirts we’ve been dreaming of lately—our senior market editor, Marina Larroude, rounded the best of them up this week. And over the next few weeks, two new books will arrive to accessorize your quad-ready look.

Lisa Birnbach, author of the original Official Preppy Handbook, files her second dispatch from the gin-soaked, Nantucket red front lines of WASP-dom with True Prep—subtitle: It’s a Whole New Old World. (Case in point: Hereby elected to the preppy hall of fame are Michelle Obama and Al Franken.) Co-created with Chip Kidd (one of the best book designers in the business), True Prep ($13.46, available September 7 at is full of handy intel, like the 43 preppiest places to have a summer home, the relative widths of prep-favored fashion logos (the Lacoste croc is 2.8 cm, while Brooks Brothers’ sheep is 0.875″), a roundup of acceptable men’s loafers (Stubbs & Wootton, natch) and the ingredients to a Mixed Marriage (gin, vodka, vermouth, olives or a twist). Mummy will have three.

And the blog-beloved Take Ivy ($14.97, available August 31 at, Japanese photographer Teruyoshi Hayashida chronicle of the stylish men of the early-sixties northeastern college campus, is reissued this month. (After being talked up by blogger Michael Williams at A Continuous Lean, prices for the out-of-print tome skyrocketed on eBay.) Originally published in 1965, it’s got enough khaki, corduroy, and leaf-dusted gothic architecture to sate even the most blue-blooded Yale man. Boola boola!

Photos: Courtesy of Knopf (True Prep); Courtesy of (Take Ivy)

Haute Gucci On The Horizon, The Prince Of Wools, And More…


Tantalizing rumor of the day: Gucci’s Frida Giannini is working on a couture collection. (It won’t show in Paris, but by private appointment to VIPs.) Setting age-old ateliers to work crafting ultra-luxe rocker and scuba chic? Yes, please. [WWD]

Giorgio Armani’s New York watering hole, Armani/Ristorante, has introduced a new, lower-priced bar menu. We still wouldn’t advise you to be late for your reservations, though, because as we all now know, Mr. Armani is a bit of a stickler about timing. [NY Mag]

Prince Charles convened a group of industry execs today—including representatives from Burberry, Aquascutum, Pringle of Scotland, and Topshop—to kick off his Wool Project, promoting the use of the fiber as an eco- and fashion initiative. The location: a cold barn in Cambridgeshire. We’re guessing the low temperatures drove the point home. [Vogue U.K.]

You can take the guy’s name, but you can’t keep him down. Alessandro Dell’Acqua—who had a much-publicized split with the company that produced his eponymous collection—is set to show the first collection of his new label, No. 21, in Milan this season. As for this moniker, it’s close to his heart, too: It’s for his birthday, December 21. [WWD]

Blog-to-book deals get most of the press, but here’s the rarer blog-to-back deal: A Continuous Lean‘s Michael Williams has worked with Steven Alan on two oxford shirts. [The Moment]

Photo: Brian Zak / Sipa Press / AP Photo