July 29 2014

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A New History: Jason Basmajian Talks Gieves & Hawkes


Jason Basmajian and the Spring '14 Gieves and Hawkes collection

Gieves & Hawkes—the centuries-old British tailor that holds three royal warrants and owns a prestigious “corner office” at No. 1 Savile Row—is getting a facelift. In January, the brand hired Boston-born Jason Basmajian to take the creative helm. Basmajian’s new role will require him to carry on the tradition of dressing Prince Charles and his kin (baby George can’t be too far away from his first suit, can he?), as well as military, political, and regal grandees, which, over the years, have included Winston Churchill, J.P. Morgan, David Niven, and Laurence Olivier. Basmajian’s mission? To dust off the formidable patina of the brand and turn it into gold dust—English-style. Here, Basmajian talks to about preserving Gieves & Hawkes’ storied past (so storied, in fact, that the brand employs a full-time archivist to this day), while pushing it into the twenty-first century.

You are American-born and developed your design chops in New York, Paris, and Milan with Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Brioni, and so on. What can you bring to such a traditional British brand?
Funnily enough, that is why I think I was chosen—because I brought an international style perspective to the table. Gieves & Hawkes comes out of a military/equestrian background, which is the anchor of Savile Row. But we also have a loyal clientele in Asia and America where that military and formal tradition isn’t as richly stepped. It weighs heavily on a brand, how to carry that tradition through, but I think my role is to celebrate the brand and move it forward to what today’s man wants, which is a lot of personality and not just body cover. Continue Reading “A New History: Jason Basmajian Talks Gieves & Hawkes” »

The Director Shoots Prada


Mike Figgis, budding fashionphile? Not exactly. The English director/photographer may be a newly minted Prada habitué, but really, he was just doing his job. Figgis, known for films like Leaving Las Vegas, those racy Agent Provocateur ads, and of course the charming short film honoring’s Candy Pratts Price for her CFDA Eugenia Sheppard Award, just completed a three-week stint shooting New Yorkers in and around the area south of Houston Street. Of course, the project, entitled SoHo Composites #2 (London came first), will use a little Rem Koolhaas-designed store on the corner of Broadway and Prince as a sometime backdrop. The cavernous Prada Epicenter proved itself a force to be reckoned with. “It’s a very strong character and it’s quite large, so it’s impossible for it not to be present,” Figgis explains. “But for me it was very good base around which to shoot.” While a book documenting the creative process is slated for release, Figgis debuts his New York photographs tonight at Milk Gallery, where some of his subjects, like Aaron Young, Cecilia Dean, and Mark Ronson, can have a look at this portrait of a pocket of downtown. Other Big Apple denizens can hit up the free show through February 7, and the exhibit will also be available for online viewing at