August 23 2014

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Jobs, Restaurants, and Now a Magazine—It’s Just the Cherry on the Cake


The tired cliché that fashion doesn’t eat is weakening every day. The latest assault on its reign comes courtesy of Kerry Diamond (by day, PR executive at Coach; by night, partner and co-owner of three bustling Brooklyn restaurants) and Claudia Wu (principal of the graphic design firm Oprhan, founder of Me Magazine) and their new food-meets-fashion biannual, Cherry Bombe. It may have the distinction of being the first culinary journal with a Karlie Kloss cover.

Diamond and Wu (above) are the definition of multi-hyphenate multitaskers, but at Cherry Bombe‘s Jo Malone London-sponsored launch party last night at the Spotted Pig’s semisecret third-floor test kitchen, she shrugged off questions of how she’d managed to put together a full magazine while juggling her other commitments. (Questioner finds his hands full with merely a biannual magazine and Web site to contend with, let alone a second job or a restaurant empire.) “Everyone says that, but it’s not like I’m there cooking or washing the dishes,” she laughed. “My boyfriend works at night. No kids, no pets.” Anyway, she went on, “It really was a labor of love in the truest sense of the phrase. There was also kind of a mission behind this. We really want to help all these great women in the industry get exposed a little bit more, and build a little bit more of a community.” Continue Reading “Jobs, Restaurants, and Now a Magazine—It’s Just the Cherry on the Cake” »

Avenue 32 Sets Up Shop


There’s Bond Street, Madison Avenue, Rodeo Drive, and now, Avenue 32 is making a play to join the list of luxury shopping neighborhoods. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s because the e-commerce site has yet to open its virtual doors. When launches November 29, the site will debut 35 “boutiques,” including Preen, Edun, and Anndra Neen, curated by each brand’s respective designers.

“The initial idea behind creating boutiques for each individual designer was so that we could showcase more complete collections and customers would be able to choose from a wider selection,” Avenue 32 founder Roberta Benteler tells “We aim to give customers a unique insight into the world of these designers and the fashion industry as a whole, creating what feels like a more personal and emotional relationship that emulates the charm of offline shopping.”

For their first outing, Benteler and her co-founder, Juri von Randow, have brought in a diverse list of brands, including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Azzaro, Emilio de la Morena, Todd Lynn, and Felder Felder. They are also focused on jewelry and accessories, working with House of Waris and Carolina Bucci for the launch. But, like most luxury e-commerce sites these days, there is also an editorial element. “Some of the editorial we have created so far is a profile on Jessica and Janina Joffe—an up-and-coming actress and a talented young gallerist,” Benteler says. “We have also created profiles on folk singer Kamila Thompson and Momofuku’s pastry chef Christina Tosi, amongst others.” She plans to add an interactive stylist feature in the near future. has an exclusive video (above) to preview the launch of the site.

James Franco: The Magazine, Bergdorf’s Invests In Beagles, Aggy’s Back, And More…


Missed the latest James Franco episode of General Hospital? L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art has printed up its own Franco-ized Soap Digest, called Soap at MOCA, to fill you in. Only $9.99! [MOCA Store via Hint Mag]

Aggy’s back! Miss Deyn returns to the edit pages in September’s V, where she lounges on the streets in a spread inspired by that onetime New York punk enclave St. Marks Place. Keep an eye out for spiking Cheetos sales. [V]

Cheetos, however, will likely not be on the menu at the café Bon Appétit is setting up at Lincoln Center for fashion week. Pastries from Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, Stumptown coffee, small plates from Mario Batali, and lunch from The Lion’s John DeLucie, however, are slated to be on the menu. [WWD]

Bergdorf Goodman has invested in some unlikely new security guards: a pack of beagles, which patrol the store periodically in search of bedbugs. [WWD]

And here’s one place jersey’s not a dirty word: cutting-edge NYC boutique Seven, where owner Joseph Quartana says jersey items (like those from Complex Geometries and Claude Maus) are flying off the shelves. Alert the Snooki! [NYT]

Photo: Courtesy of the MOCA Store