July 22 2014

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2 posts tagged "Mongrels in Common"

In Berlin, A Dose Of Vitamin C


Color psychology theorists tell us that orange signifies high energy. Fitting, then, that it’s been all over the Berlin catwalks—this season’s Berlin fashion week, kicked off by Calvin Klein yesterday, has got a renewed vigor. The local line Mongrels in Common mixed sherbet shades of orange with sky blue and navy. The luxe cashmere label Allure went for contrast, too, with vibrant orange panels sewn into deep-sea turquoise tap pants, sweater dresses, and cardigans. But the most arresting splash of vibrant orange came at Lala Berlin, where designer Leyla Piedayesh extended her signature keffiyeh scarf prints into sensual floating neon orange sheer kaftans and jumpsuits (pictured). (The palette was inspired, Piedayesh said, by a fantasy of Kurt Cobain in Africa—with the sandy orange, it looked sub-Saharan.) You might think that with Germany out of the World Cup, and the Dutch Orangemen in, the color would be verboten, but one prominent Teuton remained upbeat. As this reporter left the Lala Berlin show, Boris Becker—a front-row presence at Berlin fashion week—pointed to my radiation-orange vintage c.neeon tank and proclaimed, “Orange is good.” His glowing tan attested to it.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Mongrels In Dubai


For Berlin-based design team Mongrels in Common, Dubai is the unexpected inspiration for their Fall ’09 collection. Lucky for the designers, Art Dubai starts today, and despite the global financial meltdown, it’s still a hot international fair. Multimedia artist Susan Hefuna’s sculptural take on traditional Islamic architectural design is a nice partner piece to Mapping Palestine, a carefully curated show featuring 12 artists inspired by Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. And on the other end of the Dubai spectrum, Van Cleef & Arpels’ The Art of Magical Jewels at the Madinat Jumeirah Convention continues to pay homage to an unconditional love of luxury. “We always play with contradictory elements,” said Mongrels in Common designer Livia Ximenez-Carrillo, who designs with partner Christine Pluess, in explaining their pull to Dubai. To wit, the collection’s voluptuous draped proportions, sequin accents, and shimmering metallic palette add up to a perfectly proportioned balance between Dubai’s stunning statement architecture and Berlin’s casual chic. The art world should plan to pack a few of the lighter Mongrels in Common pieces for next year’s Art Dubai fair.

Photo: Courtesy of Mongrels in Common