September 2 2014

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1 posts tagged "Movie Premieres"

Blasblog: The Department Of Premiere Security Took My Phone


I’ve sacrificed a great deal of personal dignity when it comes to parties. In desperation, I once told a bouncer I was Tom Ford’s nephew. But at the premiere of Bride Wars last night they took from me something more important than integrity or dignity. They took my cell phone. My link to the world. My brain. Not that I didn’t put up a fight. At first I lied and said I didn’t have one (ha!). Then I told the pushy cell phone collection people that I was seeing another movie and tried to sneak in the side door. That last move nearly got me and fellow mobile device-dependent moviegoer Tara Subkoff escorted off the premises. Apparently they were taking everyone’s. (Here’s the bucket of phones pictured here.) Inside, Nate Berkus was equally upset. “Why didn’t they just put my right arm into one of those plastic bags too?” he asked me. Although, now that I think about it, I think he was making fun of me for being so upset by being sans cell for a brief two hours. But still, those numbers and text messages getting in the wrong hands is all I could think about for the next two hours. And for the record, I can barely open attachments on this thing, much less record movies and shift them to the Asian market. Let’s hope this doesn’t become common practice for premieres, people.