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New York Fashion Week Preview


New York fashion week officially gets under way this Friday, February 13, and wraps up on Friday, February 20, but eight days just isn’t enough time for the 200-plus fashion shows, presentations, and showroom appointments on the Fall 2009 schedule. Which means things really get rolling this Wednesday, with—voyeur alert!—Jenni Kayne’s presentation at her parent’s Park Avenue apartment. For more on Fall fashion week’s highlights—including the season’s most promising designers, models, new stores, hot spots, and runway trends—check out our NYC Fashion Week Preview. The Sartorialist’s first street fashion pictures go live this Friday. Meanwhile, stay tuned to our Style File fashion blog for more fashion week updates.

Photo: Courtesy of Macqua

Sari Gueron Cancels Her Show


We just found out that Sari Gueron is canceling her Fall 2009 show, which had a spot on the Fashion calendar for Friday, February 13, at 3 p.m., sharing a time slot with BCBG Max Azria. We hear that it is recession- related. (Uh, duh.) Instead, she’s going to be doing showroom appointments for editors for both her collection and her secondary line Sari. It’s sad because Gueron has been showing in various venues (Bryant Park, Bumble and Bumble) since Spring 2005. Shows begin in literally a week. Should we be prepared to have our schedules lighten up over the next seven days? Only time (and fashion publicists) will tell.

Photo: Marcio Madeira

Will You Make The Marc?


“Marc Slashes Invitees.” I got the (slightly violent-sounding) WWD News Alert on my BlackBerry Friday night. But it wasn’t until this morning that I allowed myself to fully examine what the new fashion week development really meant. The specifics: The invite list will be smaller by a whopping 50 percent-plus, going from 2,000 people (1,100 seated and 900 standing) to 700 (500 seated and 200 standing). Celebrities? Maybe one or two, said president Robert Duffy. One or two?! I can only assume that Marc-ettes like Winona Ryder, Sofia Coppola, Zoe Cassavetes, Rachel Feinstein Currin, and Victoria Beckham will make the cut as friends of the house. But I suppose you can forget about seeing every downtown fixture both erstwhile and current. (Lady Bunny, we think you had better make alternate plans for Monday night.) Now, I’m the last person to make the case for New York fashion week being a B-lister-and-hanger-on-packed three-ring circus. In fact, I firmly believe that getting trampled on a daily basis by wild packs of photographers trying to get shots of Sophia Bush has started to chip away at my soul. However, Marc Jacobs’ show is, or was, different. It was a huge, fun family reunion, a metaphorical big tent where New York’s fashion crowd—publicists from other houses, designers of every ilk, stylists, and even editors’ family members—gathered to celebrate New York’s biggest talent and the city’s fashion itself. So while I understand that our current economic climate means that Jacobs and Duffy just can’t host that party anymore, I can’t help feeling like it’s one of those moments When Everything Changed. What about you? Worried you won’t make the cut?

Photo: Billy Farrell / Patrick McMullan

IMG On Fashion Week: The Sky Is Not Falling


Top on IMG’s Fall 2009 wish list is to get Mrs. Obama to the tents. “We’re prepared to do what it takes,” proclaimed Fern Mallis, the company’s senior vice president, to the crowd of major journalists and public relations professionals gathered this morning at IMG’s offices. The reason behind the meeting, said Mallis, the self-described “stage mother” to designers, was that it seemed that “the only people getting press are those not showing.” (Though that focus will obviously shift during fashion week.) Still, if you were expecting a lighter New York schedule, think again. Almost every day has slots that are, as per usual, triple or quadruple booked. Though the total number of events has dropped from 225 to 197 since February 2008, Mallis and her team emphasized the fact that at this point there are but four fewer designers slated to present in the tents than there were last fall. As for sponsorships, the PR execs said the money is there, you just have to work harder for it. It’s becoming the mantra of our times. At any rate, you can count on to bring you front-row coverage wherever you are.

Photo: Brian Ach/Getty Images for IMG

go west, fashion editors! not that you have any choice


Is it just us or is fashion week migrating ever westward? With venues like Eyebeam (21st Street between 10th and 11th avenues), the Glass Houses (25th Street between 10th and 11th avenues), Focus Studio (11th Avenue at 45th Street), and Exit Art (10th Avenue at 36th Street) becoming more popular, there are more than 35 shows located west of Ninth Avenue—a zone that’s far from subways and often brutally low on taxis. A few tips:

Make nice with that market director friend of yours to assure you can hop in her car.

Keep the number of a car service on speed dial.

Stow those Lanvin flats or Havaianas in your handbag as a last resort.