July 29 2014

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go west, fashion editors! not that you have any choice


Is it just us or is fashion week migrating ever westward? With venues like Eyebeam (21st Street between 10th and 11th avenues), the Glass Houses (25th Street between 10th and 11th avenues), Focus Studio (11th Avenue at 45th Street), and Exit Art (10th Avenue at 36th Street) becoming more popular, there are more than 35 shows located west of Ninth Avenue—a zone that’s far from subways and often brutally low on taxis. A few tips:

Make nice with that market director friend of yours to assure you can hop in her car.

Keep the number of a car service on speed dial.

Stow those Lanvin flats or Havaianas in your handbag as a last resort.

fashion week: let the games begin


With fashion week officially starting next Friday, I’ve spent the past few days culling invitations and diligently penning them in my book. As I ran out of my space in my agenda—even when I was doing my tiny, serial-killer handwriting—I remembered a joke that Amy Winehouse made during her performance at the Fendi party last season in Paris. “How long is fashion week?” she asked between her shimmies. “I guess it’s a week.” We all laughed (that Amy), but as I started confirming appointments and slotting them into days nearly a full week before September 5, I thought back to the singer’s comment. Fashion week ain’t no week, Amy. It keeps getting bigger and longer; in fact, the New York collections alone are nearly two full weeks. It should really be called Fashion Ten Days or Fashion Week and Counting or something. Just look at Thursday night’s schedule, perhaps one of the most jammed of the entire week—unless one has the craftiest driver on this isle, a die-hard fashion week participant must chose between celebrating the following: art, panties, indie glossies based in London and New York, a new watch, fashion’s much loved and hated super-stylist, a supermodel’s sportswear venture, and a hip-hop star’s foray into menswear. Allow me to break down next Thursday evening for you: Damien Loeb is debuting a new collection of his paintings in Chelsea; La Perla is showing its new intimates and a ready-to-wear collection designed by Alessandro Dell’Acqua at the Empire Hotel; Valentino is launching a watch; Rachel Zoe’s new Bravo show will bow at the Gramercy; Erin Wasson‘s collaboration with Australia-based fashion line RVCA will be unveiled, as well André 3000′s new collection, called Benjamin Bixby, which will be at Barneys; and, if anybody has any steam left, there are dueling parties for Interview magazine and Dazed & Confused. Tired yet? And that’s before things officially get under way, people.

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images