September 2 2014

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The All-Original Minaj


Since becoming a fashion show front-row regular and style star, Nicki Minaj has had everyone from Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci to Donatella Versace to Oscar de la Renta clamoring to dress her. Despite her designer duds, the Trinidad-born rapper from Queens still has a penchant for a good old pair of kicks. “I remember my first pair of Adidas shoes was pretty basic—they were black and white,” Minaj, a longtime fan of the Adidas brand, tells “More recently, I wore the Adidas wedges on the set of Madonna’s video; I could walk in them for hours. After that, I contacted Adidas about it and now they are my favorite thing to wear on tour. You get the height, but the comfort of a sneaker,” she adds. And so began her partnership with the iconic sportswear label.

Today, the pop star makes her debut in the newest chapter of the Adidas Originals “Adidas Is All In” Fall ’12 ad campaign, along with fellow brand ambassadors, her friend and designer Jeremy Scott, singer Sky Ferreira, hip-hop artist Big Sean, Korean pop phenomenon 2NE1, and NBA MVP Derrick Rose. “Adidas asked if I had anything that would work for a commercial and I said let me create something. I was already working on a particular song and I just went in and carved it out for them, and I make references to the Adidas Originals’ shell-toe sneakers,” the pop star says of her song “Masquerade” (off her new album), which she wrote specifically for the brand’s film by Melina Matsoukas, debuting here on “As a brand, they represent fun—they are inspirational and they feel like you are running a race, kind of like the Olympics. It’s about the fight to go hard and to win and to be victorious in whatever you do. When I let them hear it, they fell in love with it.” Speaking of the Olympics, Minaj admits to being a gymnastics fan. “Yeah, actually I went home after my show last night and watched the women’s gymnastics. I just like observing like every regular human. It always amazes me what those girls can do. Hats off to them!” Minaj, who is currently on tour, says over the phone from Dallas before heading into the studio.

Of filming the video (below), which was shot in front of New York’s La Esquina restaurant, she explains, “We got to the set late at night and I didn’t really know much about what we were about to do, and they started filming a street shot, kind of like a nightlife scene of me and Jeremy Scott leaving this club and the street becomes like a runway for style. I love Jeremy and his clothes and I just walked in the trailer and put on the first thing I loved—the coat and sneakers—and said, ‘I’m ready to go.’ “

But her Adidas gig is just one of the star’s many projects—”busy” would be a massively understated way to describe Minaj these days. She’s announcing new music in a few weeks (“I know my fans will spazz over that”), shooting videos for her new album, has a fragrance due out in September and her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded tour, and she’s currently hard at work on her own clothing line. “We already have the designs—the quality is top-notch and I won’t let anything go out that I wouldn’t wear,” she says. “The hurdle is deciding the stores to place the line in—we have gotten interest from huge giants in the industry.” Is she consulting her designer friends for a little advice? “Good question. I haven’t sat with any designers to talk about it just yet, but I am pretty sure I will chat with Jeremy and Donatella [Versace] to get their words of wisdom. I know what my fans love when it comes to dressing. I can gauge what they love based on their tweets from my videos and pictures. I am pretty sure we will do really well with it and go from there. I’m just following my heart, really.”

Photos: Courtesy of Adidas

When Saving The Earth, Every Last Dollar Counts


“I have never bought anything at an auction before,” Glenn Close admitted to last night at Christie’s third annual Green Auction: BID to Save the Earth. She had, however, been auctioned off. “I was a part of one once. I’m supposed to go with Bobby Kennedy and a bunch of people to Mongolia and hunt with eagles, on horseback, but we haven’t done it yet. Hunting with eagles, on horseback, in Mongolia. I would say that’s pretty exotic.”

Though the actress was not on offer as part of last night’s auction (co-hosted by Susan and David Rockefeller, Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, Anna and Graydon Carter, and James R. Hedges IV), there were several exotic experiences and celebrity names on the bill. “All of the trips are amazing, but I’m honestly a scuba diver, so that trip sounds the coolest to me,” said Christie’s master auctioneer Lydia Fenet (pictured, right). “Although, I don’t think I’m nearly as adventurous as the ladies leading the trip who dive with kidney warmers.” When Fenet finally took her place at the podium, she was quick to announce to the crowd, “Last year, I was standing up here with Seth Meyers from SNL, who made all these promises to save the world, and he didn’t, so we didn’t invite him back. Tonight, I’m going to take every last dollar you have.”

And she did a pretty good job at that—during the live auction of a seven-day chartered voyage on the largest catamaran in the world (which went for $150,000) and various other once-in-a-lifetime experiences, she helped rake in $600,000 for various charities, including Oceana, Conservation International, the National Defense Council, and the Central Park Conservancy. After that, Grace Potter (pictured, left) of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals closed out the night with a very different performance from last year’s surprise guest, Nicki Minaj. “Creatively, I think the difference in performers shows the diversity of what this auction is all about,” Potter said before the show. “But no, I’m not going to be rapping tonight.” On that note, she stayed true to her word.

Photo: Jonathon Ziegler /

Choppers A La Kaiser, PETA Vs. Kanye, A Newly Neutral Nicki, And More…


Karl Lagerfeld’s newest addition to his ever growing résumé? VIP helicopter designer. The Anglo-Italian company AgustaWestland has asked the designer to focus on its AW139 twin-turbine helicopter and to create a “new, limited-edition, customized solution” for its expanding group of customers. Do these helicopters include quilted leather seats? [WWD]

PETA is not pleased with Kanye West and the new single (“Theraflu”) he released this week. In it, West brags, “Someone tell PETA my mink is draggin’ on the floor.” “What’s draggin’ on the floor is Kanye’s reputation as a man with no empathy for animals or human beings,” responded the organization’s senior vice president, Dan Matthews, in a statement. [Spin]

Nicki Minaj—thinking pink no more? The outrageously attired pop star and rapper told Matt Lauer on the Today show that’s she’s taking a new tack and has issued her stylist an unexpected order: “Just get me black.” [Huff Po]

Chloe Green, daughter of billionaire Sir Philip Green, is set to launch a new capsule collection of shoes for Topshop next month. Her green-soled shoes are soon to be unveiled to press at Dover Street Arts Club in central London. [Telegraph]

Photo: Kevin Kane / Getty Images

Fausto Puglisi’s Cheerleading Squad Expands


When’s editors walked into Milanese designer Fausto Puglisi’s showroom this morning, they arrived to a room full of buyers, editors, and stylists (very different compared to our visit last season, when it was just us). Let’s call it the Super Bowl effect. Puglisi, if you recall, is the man behind M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj’s Super Bowl halftime wardrobes, and based on today’s turnout, it looks like he scored some big points with the fashion set in the process. Luckily for him, his turn as designer to the pop divas was also the starting point for his new collection, which he describes as “Helmut Newton, New Pagan emperor” with “neoclassical influences.”

“The development of this collection was born with B. Akerlund while working on Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A’s Super Bowl show,” the designer tells That would explain the fetish leather pieces, embellished with crystal starbursts, gold thread, and metals—it was a look quite similar to the Super Bowl outfits. “I pushed to play not only with black plonge leather; there is a gladiator Hellenic American College print and peroxide blond leopard print. It’s unusual to see these prints on leather.” He did more of his now signature Grecian-Roman cheerleader dresses (and did them well), but there’s also structured menswear-inspired jackets, “rock star” biker pants, cashmere twinsets, and eveningwear in the mix. Overall, it was another strong outing for the designer. As for what’s on the horizon, he tells us, “the goal, for sure, is a first shop in the U.S.”

Photos: Courtesy of Fausto Puglisi

Touchdown For Puglisi


Remember those colorful wool crepe minidresses Anna Dello Russo was spotted wearing at the Couture shows this past summer and then again during New York fashion week in September? As it turns out, ADR isn’t the only one who took a liking to Milanese designer Fausto Puglisi‘s Grecian cheerleader dresses—Madonna enlisted the designer to create Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.’s wardrobes for their Super Bowl halftime show yesterday.

“This was the most incredible and extreme experience ever,” the designer tells of the dresses, which were embellished with crystals, spikes, and embroidery. “It’s Madonna—to work with her is an honor.” Puglisi began working on the dresses last November when he got the call from B. Akerlund, who oversaw the show’s costume design. “The Roman Empire history and the emperor power is part of my DNA—I’m obsessed with Caligula and Caesar and Roman tradition and I always loved to mix this with American sportswear touches,” says Puglisi. Check out the designer’s sketches of the costumes, which he shared exclusively with

Sketches: Courtesy of Fausto Puglisi