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Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld’s Postcard From Istanbul


Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and painter Nicolas Pol make a good team. When Restoin-Roitfeld presented Pol’s exhibition Neverlodge in New York, most of the Basquiat-esque canvases had already been sold by the opening party. Last week, the pair trekked to Istanbul to unveil Pol’s most recent project, Epektasis. The young dealer and curator documented his week-plus trip exclusively for Epektasis runs until May 17 at Istanbul ’74.

“I am always humbled when I see an exhibition come together. No matter how beautiful and evocative I know a painting to be, it isn’t until I am standing in the middle of the exhibition, with all of the paintings on the wall, that I can truly see the remarkable power of art—truly awesome, in the literal sense of the word.” Continue Reading “Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld’s Postcard From Istanbul” »