August 23 2014

styledotcom Three questions for a powerhouse player in Brazil's fashion scene:

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Nicole Richie, Working Woman


In a sequestered corner on Bergdorf Goodman’s seventh floor last night, Nicole Richie was a long ways from The Simple Life. “I honestly am so thankful for where I am right now,” Richie said at the BG-hosted fête for her line House of Harlow 1960. “It’s so great to reach a point where you see your pieces on a woman on the street and she looks amazing, but she may not even know it was me that was behind it. She likes it for what it is.” Anonymity in this digital age is a luxury, but it also has its limits; a crush of photographers circled Richie for the rest of the event. The former reality star, however, is just fine juggling press, family, and work. “I’m a Virgo,” she said. “I’m a born multitasker.”

The designer and entrepreneur will soon be putting those balancing skills to use. Between trips to Paris, New York, and L.A. this past month and then market appointments and touring with husband Joel Madden’s band Good Charlotte in March, Richie is racking up the frequent-flyer miles. Jet-lag be damned, she brought the glamour in a strapless bustier dress and a Veronica Lake wave to her very blond hair. “She’s really hit her stride and it shows,” Bergdorf’s Linda Fargo said. “She’s especially beautiful tonight in this old-screen-siren-meets-modern-girl way. It’s very Harlow.” The fashion director is gearing up for a busy New York fashion week and was heading home to strategize wardrobe choices for the next seven days, something Richie won’t have to worry about this season around. “I’m strictly here to work, so I’m not attending any shows,” she said, though pals Charlotte Ronson and Tracy Anderson stopped in to say hello. “I’m headed back to L.A. and then I’ll be back next week to meet with retailers.” While in town, she will make time for one NYC pit stop. “The Smile,” Richie said of her favorite city spot. “I always get the egg sandwich—it’s the best.”

Photo: Billy Farrell/

The Studs Won’t Stop


Nicole Richie has already Twitpic’d hers and Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted wearing hers on the way to JFK. The latest iteration of the studded leather jacket, that is—this one from Katie Nehra’s Simone label. The L.A.-based designer is picking up left-coast fans, as they say, left and right. But the latest admirer of the Fall ’10 style ($1,080), a cropped moto jacket with exaggerated lapels, is none other than Patti Smith. After hearing that the singer-turned-Just Kids memoirist was lusting after the jacket (spotting it on one of Nehra’s friends in Manhattan), the designer made sure to rush a jacket for Smith into production. “You can custom-order the jacket any way you want,” Nehra said, pointing to the exaggerated studs and last name emblazoned on the back of hers. “But for Patti, I’m going to leave all those decisions up to her.”

Photo: Courtesy of Simone

Yea, Nay, Or Eh: What Do You Wear Under Oath?


Maybe the St. Lucia sun melted her cares away, but Amy Winehouse showed up for court in London yesterday looking a bit, well, unkempt in an ill-fitting Roland Mouret-knockoff suit, dirty ballet flats, and a ragged ‘do. Maybe that’s not so surprising, but the question is: What’s appropriate court attire? We’ve seen Michael Jackson, may he rest in peace, in pajamas and Courtney Love looking like she picked up the first things she found on the floor. Then there was Nicole Richie channeling Audrey Hepburn in an L.B.D., Jackie O shades, and Louboutin pumps facing DUI charges in 2007. Our favorite has to be Winona Ryder. Her ladylike Marc Jacobs dresses, prim cardigans, and cute headbands could very well have contributed to that not-guilty verdict. Any others we’re missing?

Photo: Neil Mockford / Getty Images

A Jewelry Maker Puts A New Spin On Watch Crystals


Gia Bahm isn’t alone in her fixation on vintage watches, but she’s done Mad Men-loving, 1960′s Timex-wearing types one better. A stylist-turned-jewelry designer whose raw crystal and empty bullet casing Unearthen necklaces are favorites of Christina Ricci, Nicole Richie, and Mary-Kate Olsen, Bahm has started popping faceted crystals on top of the faces of old watches that she sources at the Rose Bowl and other L.A. flea markets. Actually, the prismlike stones are soldered on, and they tend to warp the numbers on the tiny dials until it’s almost impossible to tell the time. “But who needs a watch, anyway?” she asks. “We all have cell phones. These are more about having something one of a kind. I love the found-object aspect of them.” Bahm, who wears two dainty gold versions on one wrist, is unveiling her creations today and tomorrow at Roseark in Los Angeles (1111 N. Crescent Heights Blvd.); we got an exclusive sneak peek. Look for them soon at Barneys and Opening Ceremony, too.



Photo: Courtesy of Roseark


Blasblog: Proenza Party At The Pyramid


“It’s all about the Pyramid Club right now,” Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez said outside the venerable East Village night spot. “It’s major.” Well, the Pyramid Club might have been major a few decades ago, when Debbie Harry dropped by and club kids in giant shoulder pads danced all night, but since then it’s kind of been in a lull. Leave it to Hernandez and design partner Jack McCollough to snap the club right back into relevance. Schouler fans like Mary-Kate Olsen, Victoria and Vanessa Traina, Nicole Richie, and Olivier Zahm stormed down Avenue A to celebrate the boys’—can we still call them boys? They’re both over 30—triumphant show earlier Wednesday night. “We figured we wanted to dance, and we wanted room. Besides, we’re tired of Beatrice,” McCollough explained as he stomped into the darkened, strobe-lit dance floor.