August 2 2014

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’Tis the Season…


Holiday Shopping

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be giving (and, of course, requesting) this holiday season. If you need some inspiration, take a peek at our holiday shopping guide, which is packed with goodies for everyone from your rocker pals to sporty snow bunnies to uptown gals (and don’t miss our corresponding grungy tale of holiday thievery). Need a few more suggestions? Over the last few days, we’ve been divulging what our editors are planning to gift, and hoping to get. Have a look at our final picks, below. To see all of our editors’ picks, click here.

Tim Blanks

To Get: The most subversive album of all time in a “super deluxe” forty-fifth anniversary box set? That’s so perverse that all I can say is gimme!

To Give: Give as you would get—someone will be unwrapping this camo-is-classic antidote to wrist-y flash by Nixon.

Amber Kallor

To Get: I was bugging out over this Fendi Peekaboo tote. Opening your bag to reveal yellow crocodile monster eyes against a black python backdrop makes pulling out your wallet that much more exciting.

To Give: For my co-worker and fellow cat lover, photo editor Nicola Kast, I’ll be purchasing this Karl Lagerfeld Choupette key fob. I initially spotted it at Colette during the Spring collections and knew it had her name written all over it.

Brittany Adams

To Get: It’s been a few years since I took running seriously, and I’ve had my eye on a pair of Nike featherweight Flyknits since I witnessed dozens of models wearing them between castings before the Spring shows. Regardless of whether the kicks inspire me to relive my track star glory days, they’ll look fly with jeans.

To Give: Clearly, I’m feeling a Nike moment. After undergoing a major back surgery this summer, my go-getter of a mother is finally returning to fighting form, and I love the idea of her being able to track her fitness progress with Nike’s sleek rose gold-detailed FuelBand, which picks up on and encourages both low-intensity exercise like walking and full-on workouts.

Erinn Hermsen

To Get: Black booties are a staple for my winter wardrobe, and I seem to “need” a new pair every season. This year, I’m eyeing these Saint Laurent beauties that will go with almost everything in my closet.

To Give: My favorite gifts to give come with a personalized touch, and I love these monogrammed wine glasses for my best girlfriends. They’re the perfect addition to our frequent wine nights.

Photos: Mesdemoiselles (illustration); Courtesy Photos

’Tis the Season…


Gift Guide

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be giving (and, of course, requesting) this holiday season. If you need some inspiration, take a peek at our holiday shopping guide, which is packed with goodies for everyone from your rocker pals to sporty snow bunnies to uptown gals (and don’t miss our corresponding grungy tale of holiday thievery). Need a few more suggestions? Over the next few days, we’ll be divulging what our editors are planning to gift, and hoping to get. Have a look at our first picks, below.

Nicole Phelps

To Get: I’d love a one-month unlimited class package to Physique 57. With a 5-year-old at home, making time to work out is the biggest luxury there is.

To Give: I received a pair of Hatch‘s navy cashmere joggers as a gift about a year ago. They instantly became my at-home uniform; I wore them just about every night last winter. I know my mom and sister will be thrilled to receive pairs of their own. Hatch founder Ariane Goldman has opened a temporary shop at 25 Howard Street here in New York through Thanksgiving weekend, so it’ll be easy for me to go snap them up.

Katharine K. Zarrella

To Get: All I really want for Christmas is a ticket to London so I can go and explore the Isabella Blow: Fashion Galore! exhibition at Somerset House. But seeing as it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be hopping the pond in the near future, I’d be equally pleased to receive this pair of Fendi booties. I wear my Fall ’10 Yves Saint Laurent mohawk pumps pretty aggressively, so it would be nice to have another footwear option that’s similarly coiffed.

To Give: I think everyone should own a vintage silk kimono. Every single person. They’re incredibly comfortable and wildly glamorous for lounging around the apartment. A few of my friends have been pining after my latest acquisition—a black, red, and gold embroidered kimono that was once owned by the 1934 Miss Japan—so I will be gifting them equally spectacular robes. My favorite kimono scavenging spots are obscure antique shops on the Upper West Side and Joe Sundlie’s vintage store in Chelsea. But this forties number from would do nicely.

Rachel Walgrove

To Get: I’ve been eyeing LPD’s sportswear for a while. I love how it pairs team spirit with the cultlike following found in fashion. This Team Ghesquière tee is definitely on my list.

To Give: Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that my family is obsessed with dachshunds—though I like to blame this mostly on my sister. These Jonathan Adler bookends would be the perfect complement to her impressive book collection.

Erica Blumenthal

To Get: I don’t think you need a reason for why I want these python Gianvito Rossi pumps.

To Give: I plan to buy several copies of Morrissey’s Autobiography as soon as it hits U.S. stores on December 3. Most of my friends are dying to read it, so why not give them what they want?

Photos: Mesdemoiselles (illustration); Courtesy Photos

Curtis Kulig’s Labor of Love


Love me

Curtis Kulig is the artist responsible for the “Love Me” graphic, which you’ve no doubt seen scrawled across urban buildings. The phrase has wiggled its way into the fashion world, inspiring brands such as Nike, Lanvin, and DKNY, and now Kulig is reimagining his signature saying for Me + Mi—a new jewelry line, which, created by L.A.-based jewelry designer Mimi Jakobson and Kulig himself, launches today. “I always like to see what I’ve created in a new medium,” Kulig said of the 14-karat-gold-plated range. “I love objects, especially when they’re shiny and tactile…I’m a kid that way.”

To bring his artistry into the third dimension, Kulig turned his hand-painted phrases into inlays and dripping motifs. “It’s amazing to see something that flat take on so much dimension,” Kulig delights. “It all comes to life—all the processes that have been part of my work but are applied in a completely different context.”

The collection of gold-plated designs cast in Kulig’s signature script plays on the relationship between artist and designer, as well as where those two sensibilities meet. “I’ve had a long history of working with high-profile, strong women,” Jakobson says. “So it’s been so fun to experience a different dynamic in design with Curtis; he really trusts my feminine take on his art.” And for Kulig, working in design brought on a new set of challenges. “As a designer, in jewelry, fashion, or even technology, you have to weigh your ideas and visions against what the public is ready for.” Kulig hopes the masses are prepared for luxury and, of course, more love.

Priced between $40 and $197, Me + Mi is available, beginning today, at

Photos: Courtesy of Me + Mi

We’re Seeing Double


Setting yourself apart—that’s what fashion is about, right? Still, there are few things more striking than seeing a group of trendsetters dressed alike—especially if the matching is unintentional, almost telepathic. We noticed several of these serendipitous moments during the Fall shows, including identical Opening Ceremony varsity jackets, his and hers Nikes, and a pair of friends clad in similar printed looks from Mary Katrantzou’s new collection. Le 21ème photographer Adam Katz Sinding, who frequently captures these kinds of instances, told, “I think, instinctively, we are drawn to symmetry and proportion. Seeing two identical buildings on the street or twins is interesting because it catches our eye and makes us look twice. I like the rare occasions when things seem to fall into line.”

Here, our favorite two-for-one moments.

The Science of Sustainability


No doubt sustainability is one of fashion’s hottest topics—first and foremost because we need to preserve the environment, and consider how what we wear impacts where we live. But all that is green has also become “trendy”—and for those not in the know, it’s hard to decipher the most important qualities when picking your socially conscious eco-chic duds. So in honor of Earth Day, spoke with renowned agronomist and 2004 MacArthur Fellow Pedro Sanchez of Columbia University’s Earth Institute and Sandy Black, sustainable-fashion expert, professor at the London College of Fashion, and author of Eco-Chic and The Sustainable Fashion Handbook, about the dos and don’ts of sustainability. “It’s complex,” says Black, when asked to define sustainable fashion. “The big definition is about long-term sustainability, but also there’s the economic sustainability, then there’s ethical and social issues. So in a way, the best type of businesses have combined all sorts,” she adds. Meanwhile, Sanchez qualifies “sustainable” as having to do with the source of textiles. “Production has to be economically profitable, environmentally OK, and agronomically OK.” However, he continues, “Nothing is completely sustainable. We’re all going to die. And people need to think about the time dimension. For how long is something sustainable?” he asks.

This brings us to the question of natural versus synthetic fibers. “I’ve made some mistakes in buying polyester,” laughs Sanchez, noting that due to the carbon released into the environment during synthetic production, he’s a natural fibers kind of guy. But Professor Black suggests that we need to factor in the time component. “It’s not natural’s good, synthetic’s bad. You have to take the whole life cycle into account,” she says. “You only have to consider the amount of water and energy that’s used in washing T-shirts and jeans that isn’t needed when you have a polyester item. Polyester lasts an awful long time, and people can keep it for a long time.” Continue Reading “The Science of Sustainability” »