August 30 2014

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Socializing, Salon-Style


A modern-day salon (à la Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group or Gertrude Stein and her crew of artists and expats) may seem a lofty concept. But new cultural group The Committee is out to create just that. Well, something like that—based in New York, the organization caters to creative individuals on the prowl for engaging, interdisciplinary dialogue. “Between hectic work schedules and usually packed social agendas, young people in the city are hungry for intellectually stimulating experiences that take place within a social context,” explain The Committee’s four founding members, Laura Mintz, Diana Burroughs, Ricky Lee, and Alexandra Wagle, all of whom met while producing last year’s Young Collectors Exhibition and currently work in the art world.

Via a series of talks, art shows, and studio and gallery visits, The Committee is working to “produce unique events for New York City’s arts community” and bring together “intriguing, contrasting individuals or groups” in order to explore the overlap in different creative fields. Their first attempt takes place this Thursday. Hosted in collaboration with Amy Sacco and Bobby Rossi at No. 8, the event will feature graffiti artists Zac Buehner and Jason Castro (one of their site-specific installations is pictured above) in conversation with curator Miguel Benavides, as well as a short film by Paris-based directors Sanford McCoy and Sabine Bally of TwoSa Productions. Other upcoming experiences include an evening with fashion designer Barbara Tfank (February 19) and a night of readings and discussion with the editors of the new literary magazine The American Reader. As of now, The Committee’s carefully curated gatherings are for members only—but you don’t need to be an artistic savant (per se) to attend. For more information, e-mail The Committee at

Photo: Courtesy of Leila Heller Gallery, New York