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On Our Radar: Rae Jones For No.6


Morgan Yakus and Karin Bereson of the New York boutique No.6 are constantly searching for new talent, and when they spotted Rae Jones’ assistant wearing a pair of casual ankle booties by the up-and-coming footwear designer at a fashion show in Paris, they found it. What sets Jones’ wares apart is their total functionality. After working at WGSN, a trend forecasting and analysis Web site, for nearly ten years, Jones felt “the market is lacking a certain level of footwear that will neither break the bank nor cripple your feet—shoes that make people look but don’t steal the show,” she told me. “I tend to focus on mid-heights and flats and think this area is one of the hardest to get right as shoes can err on the dowdy or sensible side, and that’s something I’m obviously keen to avoid.” There’s nothing frowsy about the two Jones designs (around $250 each) No.6 will begin selling exclusively this week: the Redwood boot (the style first spotted on Jones’ assistant) and the Derwent flatform. Both were customized for the boutique and are the kinds of casually stylish shoes that you can wear day after day without worrying about getting them repaired constantly or breaking your ankle. My favorites are pictured, above.

No.6 Store, 6 Centre Market Place, NYC, (212)-226-5759.

Photos: Courtesy of Rae Jones

Araks Does E-Commerce


I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but despite working at and spending long days and many nights in front of my computer, I don’t love online shopping. I prefer the up-close experience of my favorite stores—Zero + Maria Cornejo, Aloha Rag, and No.6. How, say, a jodhpur jumpsuit in Sim jersey with grosgrain straps and ori pockets feels and fits are just as important as how it looks, and those qualities are sometimes difficult to capture on a Web site. Underwear is a different story. I like what I like and what I like is Araks’ simple, delicate cotton lingerie. So I’m pretty thrilled that designer Araks Yeramyan opened an online shop this week at “It’s like having a store,” Yeramyan told me. “I’ll be able to see where things are going, what’s selling well, and quickly respond.” She better stock up on her Antonia bralette, because I’m planning to buy in bulk.