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Nicole Miller’s New Zealand Fashion Week Diary


Paris fashion week may still be raging on, but Nicole Miller (left) recently headed down to a sunnier fashion experience: New Zealand fashion week, in Auckland, where she was invited to present her collection. Below, the New York-based designer fills us in on the goings-on down under, and click below for more photos from the week.

After 21 hours, my assistant Janey and I finally arrive in Auckland, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so far away. It’s Tuesday morning and day 1 of fashion week. Our show will be Thursday. We check in and have to unload trunks for our fittings—we have 21 models coming in and four hours to do it all. Somehow it makes New York look like a breeze. We managed to get it all done in time to go to the Cybele show, one of the tightest shows I saw all week. I had checked out the line before I came so I was anxious to see it. It had some fabulous digital prints, and some of the prints were mirrored in the cuts of the clothing. Very nice!

The whole NZFW venue is very interesting—it’s held in an old navy yard, so it was all on the funky/rustic side. But a few brands, like Zambesi, showed offsite, which was cool, too. Zambesi was held in a huge warehouse; the runway was almost a mile long! Zambesi is one of the hippest brands in New Zealand, and I’m surprised their clothes are not easier to find elsewhere.

On day 2, we had our last fitting and then headed to the Jimmy D show—another of my favorites. It was entirely black and white—and mostly black! Designer James Dobson did a great digital print that was done by an artist friend of his, Andrew McLeod, both on T-shirts and georgettes. And that night we went to the most interesting experience of the week: the NOM*d show, also held in an offsite venue. The show was called Dance Macabre and was inspired by the black plague. It was four vignettes going simultaneously: a dinner scene, a bedroom scene, a fire, and a crushed car with a performer on it. It was quite fascinating—though you couldn’t really see the clothes. But it was so cool it didn’t matter. Continue Reading “Nicole Miller’s New Zealand Fashion Week Diary” »