August 21 2014

styledotcom Tisci's not the only one to celebrate in Ibiza:

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Corey Is In the House


When done well, rebranding a fashion label is the equivalent of getting a great haircut—all of a sudden, the world seems so shiny and full of possibilities. Corey Lynn Calter recently gave her 13-year-old eponymous line such a makeover by trimming the name down to ‘Corey.’ Last night, the designer officially celebrated the launch with a presentation of her Fall collection at The Jane Hotel Ballroom. So, other than the name, what’s changed? Not much, according to the designer. Calter clarified that ‘Corey’ isn’t some kind of diffusion project. It’s the same edgy, feminine aesthetic at the same contemporary price point. “Everyone is down to 140 characters or less these days, so I figured, why not shorten up? I love having the freedom to still do what I want,” she told Themed “Smoke & Flowers,” the latest lineup had a decidedly moodier, sexier vibe compared to past seasons, and Calter embraced the dark mood with a heady look book shot by Olivia Malone in New Orleans, which debuts here. “I was thinking about what you would wear if you were in an opium den,” Calter continued. Highlights included a leopard print tunic and matching cigarette pants, louche printed silk pajamas, and vampy lace shift dresses—all of which you could imagine Calter’s doe-eyed muse and collaborator Nora Zehetner, who hosted the event, rocking on her relatively laid-back days. Zehetner was joined by Tennessee Thomas, Shiva Rose, and Advanced Style’s Ilona Smithkin, who all came out to toast Corey.

Corey is available online at, and at other select retailers.

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