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Soccer Fanatics


Is there anything sexier than a man playing soccer? Well, maybe, but for nine hours on Saturday at Chelsea Waterside Park, forwards, strikers, and goalies competing in Adidas’ eighth annual daylong Fanatic tournament made it hard to come up with a better answer. Twenty-four teams competed for the top prize (we were most interested in who would get the “best customized jersey” award), while fans sipped Heineken tall boys—yes, even the girls—and cheered on the players over the beats from the DJ booth. dGi Dillingers beat Bowery United in the final (1-0), and while the Opening Ceremony team took home the jersey award (no surprise there), the off-field style tended toward short sundresses, shorter shorts, a pair of laser-cut leggings, and lots of plaid. We spotted Phillip Lim, Richard Chai, and Jeremy Kost in the crowds, and a few male-model types who would have looked much cuter in soccer jerseys.

Just Opened: Opening Ceremony’s Little House Of Accessories


Accessories, I am sorry to report, do not get a good shake from the Great Thinkers. Seneca, for example, said, “They that mistake life’s accessories for life itself are like them that go too fast in a maze.” John Lennon posited that drugs are accessories to normal living, in a society too cruel to be lived plain. Granted, neither of them was talking about bags and shoes, but let the points stand: In Utopia, we’d all be Zen master minimalists. But what’s the fun in that? If Utopia entails moping around in togas, surely we’d all rather indulge our flawed humanity at the Little House of Accessories, the new outpost for all things extraneous opened last week by Opening Ceremony. Adjacent to the Opening Ceremony store in L.A., the Little House puts accessories from the likes of Alexander Wang, Delfina Delettrez, Proenza Schouler, Linda Farrow, and Slow and Steady Wins the Race all in one place. If you’re dying to pick up the creeper-buckled wedge boots from the new Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony collection, this is the place do it (while supplies last.) Moreover, New York-based antique jeweler Kentshire Galleries has set up its first Los Angeles outpost at the shop, which O.C. founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have seen fit to decorate in surreal, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids style. Long story short—when it comes to Utopia, to each her own.

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Katherine Fleming Carries The Future


If you spend enough time with designers, you quickly realize that many of them can’t resist test-driving the wares on which they’re currently working. In terms of fashion’s time-space continuum, that means they’re wearing today what they’ll be selling to you a year from now. At her first official trunk show last night at Tribeca’s Renwick Gallery—a double billing with her friend Megan Marrin’s jewelry line M. Graves—the talented young bag lady Katherine Fleming had such a piece tucked under her arm: a slightly oversized envelope in navy snake streaked with gray stripes. Season: Spring 2010. Fleming happily spilled that it will be priced very reasonably for an exotic skin—around $500. (I would definitely put that trip to Barneys or Opening Ceremony on your calendar!) In fact, Fleming’s upcoming spring range will feature quite a few pieces hovering around that sweet spot price, and without forsaking quality, either. “I’m still making everything in Italy,” Fleming explained. “I think it’s still possible to do that. I don’t want to move to China like everyone else.” Into the more distant future for Fleming is footwear. “I’m dying to do shoes,” she said. “But we want to wait until we’re in the right place and have the right partner.” Though that hasn’t stopped the shoe obsessive from sketching her interlocking-K logo into teetering sandals. But who designed the bondage-y black pair she wore last night with her ultrachic navy Marc Jacobs dress? “They’re from Zara,” she confessed, having bought them while in Florence for her Parsons’ schoolmates Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez’s show at Pitti W. “I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes,” Fleming added. “Even Lazaro asked me about them.”

Photo: Courtesy of Katherine Fleming

Meet Jane


Last night’s CFDA after-party at the just-opened Jane Ballroom in the West Village was a coronation of sorts for the newest after-hours spot from the Waverly Inn’s Sean MacPherson and Eric Goode. Judging by the shindig’s big get—a celebratory Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, plus a beaming Kirsten Dunst —the Jane could well fill this summer’s West Side Beatrice void. Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Genevieve Jones, and Alexander Wang (also fresh from his win) swung by the Opening Ceremony and Black Frame-hosted soirée, where guests spilled out from the bar into the very baroque lounge (complete with fireplace, stuffed ram, and huge disco ball). The promise of a soon-to-be-opened outdoor space and weekly events—think game night—from Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte, the boys behind the Smile, bodes well for the space’s future cocktail-related endeavors. See you there.

Photo: Zach Hyman / Patrick McMullan

Attention, World Of Luxury! Chloë Sevigny Is Dropping Collaborative Hints


I interviewed Chloë Sevigny last week since she’s been chosen as a Woman of Fashion for our brother site. The infallibly stylish (in my opinion) actress told me she’d certainly love to do another collection with Opening Ceremony, but also mentioned that she’s open to other collabs. “I’d like to do something with a high-end company,” said Sevigny. “You know, the way that Sofia Coppola did with Louis Vuitton. I thought it was very cool. There were no labels on anything. I like that. I prefer it.” Earlier last week, the Big Love star told WWD that her dream collab would be with Hermès. Considering that her Opening Ceremony collection is the result of a casual mention to the press, I think Sevigny might be trying to tell the world of luxury that her designer door is open. So who might it be? Louis Vuitton is certainly the über-collaborator (Kanye, Murakami, Sprouse), but a project with Sevigny might be too similar to Coppola’s. Hermès? Hmm, this kind of thing doesn’t seem their speed. Maybe Tod’s? They do have a thing for actresses. Who do you think Sevigny should collaborate with next?

Photo: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene