September 3 2014

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2 posts tagged "Orly Genger"

At VPL, Models Fit To Be Tied


Artist Orly Genger and VPL designer Victoria Bartlett have been collaborating for a while now: Genger, in conjunction with Jaclyn Mayer, creates much of the jewelry that Bartlett uses in her fashion show. Jewelry-wise, some of those pieces have been pretty large—nearly breastplate size, say. But that’s nothing compared to what Bartlett and Genger have in store now. This evening, the VPL shop opens Squat, a site-specific installation of Genger’s trademark knotted and painted rope, with two models woven into the design. “It’s literally miles of rope,” Bartlett says. “It’s like the girls are drowning in it.” This evening’s event is hosted by Clarissa Dalrymple, Yvonne Force Villareal, Rachel Chandler, and Arden Wohl, and kicks off at 7 p.m., when Genger will nestle the models into rope she’s pre-knotted up to that point. Bartlett notes that, aside from offering the space, the inclusion of the models in the installation represents VPL’s contribution to the concept of the piece. “I’m obsessed with the body; that’s been a theme for me all along,” she points out. “This is just another way of expressing that.”

Photos: Courtesy of Orly Genger and VPL

Today In Fashion-Art Collabos: Dope Rope


Despite the dainty reputation of her medium, artist Orly Genger’s hand-knit sculptures are as gob-smackingly monumental and physically intense as those crafted in steel or marble. But even shrunk down to wearable, tightly coiled, elegant cords, Genger’s work retains its strength. The limited-edition range of knitted necklaces that she and jewelry designer Jaclyn Mayer collaborated on in conjunction with Genger’s show Whole at the Indianapolis Museum of Art ascend the heights of style with chunky chokers of bright nylon climbing rope, some twisted up with delicate silver and gold chains. “I’ve always been worried that making jewelry would take away from the seriousness of my work,” Genger confesses. “I have a tendency to impose all these rules on my work and myself. It’s a great feeling when I break them.” The necklaces range from $150 to $210 and are available at, at the Larissa Goldston Gallery in New York, and at Genger’s show in Indiana, which runs until June 14.

Photo: Courtesy of Orly Genger