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Christmas With Stella? Fabulous!


Christmas in London wouldn’t be the same without Stella McCartney’s annual lighting of the Christmas lights at her Mayfair store. Apart from the comfort food and drinks always on offer—mince tarts, Santa biscuits, marshmallow lollies, mulled wine, and Guinness—equally comforting is the company: A musical Santa, a hawker of roasted chestnuts, and, every year, a switch-flicker of honor. In the past, these have included comic Catherine Tate and the men of Little Britain; this year’s was a double-header doozy: Ab Fab‘s Edina Monsoon (a.k.a. comedienne Jennifer Saunders, in character) and her “client,” Spice Girl Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton. (A video of their lighting goes up today at, and McCartney herself will return the visit with a cameo when Absolutely Fabulous returns to TV for three episodes this summer.)

The designer has plenty to celebrate. The day before, she’d scooped up the Red Carpet Award at the BFAs (“I am still walking on a cloud over here!”), and in the past year, debuted designs at the New York City Ballet. Next year sees a new store opening in Kensington and a commission to outfit Great Britain’s Olympic Team in her Adidas garb. What could possibly be next—menswear? On that she is sanguine: “The idea of menswear has always brewed in my head. But it has to be done properly and deserves a lot of time and attention. We’ll see.”

In the meantime, guests like Kate Moss with daughter Lila, dad Paul with new wife Nancy, Alexa Chung, Pam Hogg, and i-D‘s Charlotte Stockdale all joined in the fray. Talk was all about Stella’s 2012 debut at London fashion week: a presentation of a one-off capsule collection tied to the Olympic Games. “It’s about coming home, about celebrating London, the Olympics, and the city’s vibe,” McCartney says. “I can’t wait.”

Photos: Courtesy of Stella McCartney

The Norman Invasion


Mother of Pearl’s Maia Norman—surfer chick-turned-fashion designer—always puts Mother Earth first. So for her dinner in London last night, she chose Senkai, the Japanese restaurant that sources all of its food locally and abides by a sustainable and ethical menu. “You have to respect nature and heed its power,” Norman said over salad and sushi. “When I design, I think of the elements. When I am out there surfing, I need to be insulated from the wind and the water. When I am on my motorbike, I need to be well protected and padded if I ever fall off. I think there are so many of us whose clothes need to conform to their lifestyle, not vice versa.” That may explain why her profile is growing swiftly in Asia and the Middle East.

Norman’s clothes—leathers and cashmeres in Smartie candy shades—conform to the less sporting part of her own lifestyle: her long relationship with husband Damien Hirst. Artist collaborations have become a calling card of the line (in the past, she has worked with the likes of Jim Lambie and Fiona Banner), and last night she offered a glimpse into the the Fall ’12 collection she’s currently preparing: its visiting artist is New York sensation Fred Tomaselli. “Fred is a good friend and his work is wild, inspiring. I asked him once, twice, and three times to collaborate—each time he said no. Finally, years on, he had a change of heart and said yes.”

Reason enough for friends like Lulu Kennedy, Polly Morgan, Richard Mortimer, and Pam Hogg to raise a glass. Hogg had something to celebrate, too: One of her pieces just made the cover of British Vogue. Gisele is wearing “leggings I made eight years ago!” she revealed. “It’s amazing that they liked them enough to keep them that long.”

Photo: Courtesy of Mother of Pearl

Exploring The Underground With Jefferson Hack


Jefferson Hack can now add a multimedia festival to the long list of projects he oversees, but as he told on Friday night, the one-day event, Dazed Live, is a league apart from the Glastonburys and Coachellas of the world. “Our festival isn’t strictly music, though there is lots of it,” he said at a preview fête at East London’s latest hangout, the century-old Town Hall. “It’s about film, art, architecture, thought, and ideas. The idea is to explore the underground and the alternative with an inquisitive eye—and to offer people with an antidote, really, to the bog-standard festival.”

Lily Donaldson, Lulu Kennedy, Pam Hogg, Dinos Chapman, Duffy, Peter Pilotto, and more all came by to take in the offerings on Saturday. Spread out across numerous venues but headquartered at the iconic Town Hall hotel, the lineup included 81-year-old Alejandro Jodorowsky, who gave a talk and a live tarot reading before the screening of his cult movie, Holy Mountain, at the spookily appropriate Shoreditch church. Elsewhere, Aaron Koblin (left, with Hack), the creative director of Data Arts and Google Creative Labs, gave a Q&A about new Web technologies and languages, and psychedelic guru Daniel Pinchbeck (this generation’s answer to Timothy Leary) introduced his film Time for a Change. Fashion was represented by SHOWstudio’s Ruth Hogben—the woman behind many of the visuals and films for Lady Gaga, Gareth Pugh, and Alexander McQueen—who talked about “Future Icons in Fashion Film” while bands like Gang Gang Dance (who debuted its new album) and Factory Floor rounded out the night shift.

“Ninety percent of the itinerary is either debut or a premiere, and our goals were to bring print, digital, and live performances together, in perfect symmetry. It’s also a way of getting our readers involved, for them to be in the same environment as the editors—like stepping into a magazine in a way,” Hack said. “Hopefully, this will be just the beginning.” Brave new world, in other words. But what about the brave old world event of the year, coming just the end of this month? “God, I don’t care,” he replied, when asked who should dress royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton. “I am actually going to be away that weekend, and I personally don’t give a shit about the wedding! And you can print that.”

Photo: Courtesy of Dazed + Confused

If The Shoe Fits…


The Savile Club is one of London’s most elegant venues, where Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Hardy, H.G. Wells, and W.B. Yeats used to gather to drink and dine. Last night’s crowd was, if not quite as illustrious, perhaps a tad more sartorially distinguished. Charlotte Dellal (pictured) assembled family and friends for a celebration of her new Mayfair Charlotte Olympia shop. Rosamund Pike, Alice Temperley, Astrid Muçoz, Elizabeth Saltzman Walker, and Ben Grimes all made appearances, as did many members of the Dellal clan: sister Alice, his girlfriend Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, father Guy, and mom Andrea, the last of whom (in enviable shape for a mother of four, and a new grandmother) wore a see-through houndstooth blouse.

If the guests were worn down from their LFW exertions, they didn’t show it. Elizabeth Saltzman Walker did wonder whether she could make it through the night without falling over, but there were plenty of catwalkers around if she needed any pointers. Earlier that day, Grimes had taken to the Pam Hogg runway wearing a Hannibal Lecter-eque mouth guard, and Dellal took her turn topless, dressed like a deer, and banging on a drum. All in all, it was a fairy-tale dinner, with a better-than-fairy-tale ending: a gift of a scarf, a new pair of Charlotte Olympias, and a stunning Perspex minaudière. “The shoes fit!” exclaimed Fiona Golfer, a contributing editor to British Vogue, easing her way down the velvet staircase. “Now I really feel like a Cinderella.”

Photo: Staff

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