September 2 2014

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Fashion Photog Tim Walker Steps Behind A Different Lens


“It’s so different!” says photographer Tim Walker of his foray into filmmaking. “Film is a definite narrative and it’s all about storytelling through movement and dialogue, while photography is all about personal interpretation and the viewer establishing a narrative of his own.” But judging from The Lost Explorer, Walker’s first solo film project, he’s having no trouble making the transition.

A short trailer for Walker’s 20-minute film (above) is the centerpiece of Walker’s new Web site, (The Web site also includes plenty of Walker’s photos; the former Avedon assistant is one of fashion’s most sought-after lensmen and has shot fashion editorials for English, American, and Italian editions of Vogue as well as ad campaigns for Mulberry, Miss Dior Cherie, Juicy Couture, and Moët & Chandon.) Inspired by Patrick McGrath’s book of the same title, the ethereal, eerie film follows the adventures of young Evelyn (played by Olympia Campbell) and her secret friendship and adventures with the ragged, dying Lost Explorer (Richard Bremmer). From the ominous opening scene in which Bremmer, suffering from malaria, loads a revolver inside a magical tent, to the sundrenched frames throughout with Evelyn innocently dancing among sheer bedsheets hanging from a clothesline, to the pair’s dark encounter with a ghost ship, the film evokes the same whimsical, surreal sentiments as Walker’s fantastical photo shoots. “McGrath’s book is an English suburban fairy tale full of beauty, intrigue, and imagination—all the things that inspire my photography,” Walker says. “I knew it would translate beautifully into film.”

Since its debut in Locarno, Switzerland, in 2010, the film has been screened at numerous international film festivals, as well as during London fashion week. At the moment, it continues to make its rounds on the festival circuit, and Walker plans to air it on the BBC in the near future, although no date has been confirmed. When asked what he hopes viewers take away from his film, Walker responds, “the importance of childhood dreaming.” As for his future in moving pictures, Walker asserts, “When the right project comes along, I’ll jump at the chance.”