August 20 2014

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3 posts tagged "Paul Dano"

Benefit At The Bowery


Even though Carey Mulligan couldn’t make it to last night’s third annual Lincoln Center Institute’s Junior Spring Benefit, an event with the actress’ name on the bill as one of its chairs is sure to be a chic one. On that note, it didn’t disappoint, with its host of DVF-clad (the designer sponsored the event and DVF creative director Yvan Mispelaere was an event chair) actresses and co-chairs, Zoe Kazan (pictured, right), Mamie Gummer (pictured, left), Grace Gummer, and Lily Rabe, along with Lily Kwong, Michelle Harper, and Chelsea Leyland, all turning out to the Bowery Hotel for the cause.

“Doesn’t she look sexy? Look at that dress and she got a new haircut—very sexy,” mused Paul Dano as he looked at his girlfriend Kazan. “We haven’t seen each other in three weeks and we are going to be away from each other for the next five. I just flew in for this and fly back to L.A. tomorrow because I’m about to start shooting a movie called The Pretty One,” said Kazan, who will see Dano again when they reunite for their press tour of Ruby Sparks (written by Kazan; the two also play a couple in it). “We just get two days together but it’s nice, though…it keeps things spicy.”

At dinner on the second floor, it was actor and event chair Rightor Doyle who made sure to keep things extra spicy. “For those of you who haven’t slept with me, my name is Rightor Doyle. Most of you are like, ‘Who?’ I am here for Carey Mulligan so this is the best you got. On a serious note, you guys aren’t getting drunk and having dinner for fun, it’s for charity or whatever.” Proceeds from the event benefit the Lincoln Center Institute, supporting arts in education. Recalling one of his early experiences with the arts in school, Dano said, “I remember having to do music class when I was young, and that feeling like you had to pee your pants so badly but then you do it and it feels so good. I had stage fright then and I still do.”

Photo: Joe Schildhorn /

Movie Talk With Katie Holmes


With the Tribeca Film Festival in full swing and summer blockbuster season right around the corner, Katie Holmes picked a perfect time to pass through New York and tell us about her viewing habits. “I just saw State of Play, which I thought was great,” she revealed on her way into the 30th anniversary party for the Independent Filmmaker Project at the Cooper Square Hotel on Sunday night. “I like watching on the big screen—the way it’s supposed be seen,” she said, adding that she and her husband (who’s also involved in the film industry, we hear) often stack their screenings: “We like to watch, like, three movies in a row, so we’re both happy.” Lest the Dawson’s Creek and Batman Begins star (who swished up to the penthouse terrace in black Alexander McQueen) seem an unlikely ally of an organization that supports indie cinema, it should be remembered that Holmes starred in Go and, when she was fresh out of high school, Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm. She also plays the love interest of indie darling Paul Dano in The Extra Man, which just wrapped and will be out next year.

Photo: Courtesy of IFP

a john cassavetes flick draws a-list crowd at MoMA


Martin Scorsese and Patricia Clarkson were among those who dropped by MoMA last night to pay homage to a landmark film, A Woman Under the Influence, and its star, Gena Rowlands. “It’s devastating, always,” Clarkson said of the 1974 John Cassavetes classic. Thanks to Gucci, which sponsored the film’s restoration—the first of several planned collaborations with the Film Foundation—she’s now seen it three times. “For me, that’s a lot,” Clarkson added. The screening and dinner served as a family reunion of sorts for Rowland, the director’s widow, and children Xan, Zoe, and Nick Cassavetes. Just before appetizers, Scorsese recalled being under the director’s influence. “He literally hit me on the back of the head at one point and said, Go make Mean Streets, which I did.” Perhaps hoping for similar words of wisdom, James Franco nabbed the Oscar winner later on in the evening. Across the room, Paul Dano, sensing a missed opportunity, started fretting. “Martin Scorsese’s right over there. I’d love to say hi. I wouldn’t know what to say, though. It looks like he’s leaving.” What about Rowlands? “She might be my favorite actress,” he enthused, scanning the room. Whoops, she was on her way out, too. Casting a helpless look at actress-girlfriend Zoe Kazan, the There Will Be Blood star shrugged. “In these social settings, I’m sure so many people say hi to them. It’s just hard.”


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