August 21 2014

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London Calling


The city of London is battening down its hatches. Hot on the heels of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee comes the London Olympics, due to flood the city with competitors and spectators in just a few weeks. (Every other bus-side and billboard in the city is currently advertising get-out-of-town vacation packages for those not up to the influx.) All of this means that London is about to be on every screen and surface worldwide—the PR-packaged version, that is. That’s not what’s on offer from the trio of Paul Davis, Henrietta Molinaro, and contributor Jocelyn Bain Hogg, who have put together Tired of London, Tired of Life, a visual primer on the city in photographs (Bain Hogg) and drawings (Davis), art-directed by Molinaro. (Its title comes from a quip by Samuel Johnson: “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”)

“We’re all Londoners—we live here, we work here, we tread these streets,” Bain Hogg explains. The book will be “a vignette…[giving] a feeling of the city.” Its publication, however, depends on crowd-sourced support. For the next five days, the trio is soliciting preorders and support on, a sort of Kickstarter for visual journalism. Sixty dollars helps assure the publication of the collection and ensures a copy will come your way. (More gets more: workshops with Bain Hogg or Davis, collector’s print, and so on.) We’ll be supporting. Having set Bain Hogg on the streets of New York, tracking Joseph Altuzarra and model Nyasha Matonhodze (see his photos of her here) for the first issue of, we’re well aware of what the guy can do.

To order or support Tired of London, Tired of Life, visit

Photo: Jocelyn Bain Hogg